Monday, November 24, 2008

How'd I get into this?

Keith and I had been counting on not having a Thanksgiving with family this year. Yeah, his family is in town, but usually they want to eat dinner, and for those of us in retail, dinner doesn't work very well. After all, the day after Thanksgiving can be a living hell for those who work in retail or retail support, and we need a good night's sleep beforehand. Thus, we were secretly planning on hibernating at home and maybe grilling something that wasn't turkey or ham. Or even better, eating Chinese takeaway. Yeah, that's the ticket, Chinese takeaway with sushi appetizers. Mmm, mmm good.

Anyway, it now looks like we will be attending a Thanksgiving meal, and somehow I've gotten assigned the traditional dish of sweet potato casserole. Mega ewww! I think it's a vile dish with all the sugar and marshmallows. In my mind, a sweet potato begs for curry. The sweetness of the potato, the kick of the cayenne, the mellowness of the cinnamon...OK, so I can list curry spices. I love 'em, and I love 'em on sweet potatoes. Anyone know a good recipe for curried sweet potatoes? I have found one not so offensive casserole recipe on It will be a serviceable back up if I can't find something with curry in it before tomorrow morning when I have to go grocery shopping.

Maybe we can eat Chinese food for Christmas. Here's to hoping.

As for Scooter, he bit my thumb quite soundly last night. I have 2 holes in it to prove his displeasure with his sub-q treatment. I've got a call into the vet about it as he's becoming quite difficult to treat. I think that means he's feeling a lot better.


Janice in GA said...

No help in the recipe dept because I LURVE sweet potato casserole (or "souffle", as we call it at home.)

Although curried sweet potatoes sound good too, just not for Thanksgiving.

I get to fix the rutabagas this year. Mmmm... rutabagas.

Honi said...

you can do a sweet potato casserole minus the marshmallows... you could do it with a pecan and cinamon sugar topping instead... or do it your way .. if people like it great.. if they dont.. too bad so sad.. I dislike sweet potatos or sweet potatos with marshmallow, but with the pecan topping its pretty darn good.. I like to use the Oreda ( Or however u spell it) sweet potato steamers.. you nuke them for a little bit then you put in a casserole dish and sprinkle with crushed pecans and Splenda brown sugar and cinnamon ( thats the way I do it I dont use milk , or anything else.. to help keep it low fat... its not as rich as its fancier relatives.. and its not as creamy.. more plain.. hope that helps a bit.. I still vote for your way.. I dont like curry but your recipe sounds a whole lot better than MARSHMALLOWs.. marshmallows go with chocolate and thats it!

Kim said...

Yay for kitten nommings! I think the tooth marks are Scooter's way of saying, "Thanks, Mom!"