Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unbearable kitty chorus

I'm waiting for the quarterly visit from the mobile groomer today. Keith is leaving soon, so I had to crate kitties earlier than I wanted. Crated kitties make the most horrible noises, don't they? Keeping my fingers crossed that she gets here sooner rather than later (she gave me a two hour window of when to expect her). In the meantime, I'm looking for my earplugs.

Yes, long haired kitties need regular visits to the groomer for something called a sanitary clip. This translates into butt shaving so the poop doesn't stick in their fur. Believe me, it's much easier to pay someone to do this. I've tried cutting "dingleberries" out before, but they get really upset when I lift their tail while holding a pair of scissors. Go figure.

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trh said...

Would love to have the name & number of the mobile groomer . . .