Thursday, May 29, 2008

90% (Dixie). Is General Lee your father?

I've had this sent to me a couple of times, so my results are shown above. Here's the link. And yes, born and raised in Alabama, then moved to Georgia. Pretty darn Southern in my speech patterns, but only within the parameters of this particular test.

Recovery and arrest

Keith got a call today. Our car had been found, complete with suspect still inside! It's in impound right now. There is some damage - the missing window and popped ignition. Of course, we have to pay the towing and impound fees, as well as repairs, but at least we'll get it back.

Meanwhile, our neighborhood watch is having a frenzy of activity. Maybe we'll have to go on patrol after dark.

Thank you for all your good thoughts for us and really creative painful things for the perp. You all are the best!

ETA: Upon re-reading the part of going on patrol, I had visions of Homer Simpson as chief of SpringShield. Of course Carl and Lenny have to join him. Would our neighborhood watch be as successful as Homer's?

Lightning never strikes twice?

Some SOB stole Keith's car last night between 8:30 and 10:00 p.m.! We were in the house at the time and didn't even notice! Obviously, his car doesn't have an alarm. Two of our neighbors down a few houses in each direction were having people over, so we just didn't notice any coming or going.

This totally sucks! Who knows if we'll get the car back. If we do, what condition will it be in? And what really sucks, even though I understand why, is that when we have only one running vehicle, Keith always gets it. He needs it for work, but I must admit that I get crabby having to wait for him (one time for 3 hours!) to pick me up from work.

Anyway, we discovered it right around 10, so we called the police and the insurance company. Now we wait. I must admit to hoping karma gives these wretched crooks what they deserve. In the meantime, we've got broken glass to clean up. We also need to talk to the neighbors. I think someone must have seen something and it perhaps looked normal enough that they don't know they have information. (Do I read too many British mysteries or what?) And is it really wicked to wish massive bodily harm to these thieves?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little too much

You know you've watched way too much Red Dwarf when you dream you're back in high school with Lister. Even worse, he's a sewage pipe technician. Thanks, Duct Soup.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hubby's tooth update

Keith had quite the infection in the roots of one of his crowned teeth. Apparently almost all of the root was gone. I learned more about root canals when he got home and told me what the dentist did. I'll refrain from providing details. Why make your mouths hurt too?

This does clear up a mystery for us. Several weeks ago he felt slightly feverish, but we couldn't tell that anything was wrong with him. I think it was soon after that he started feeling the pain in his tooth. He hasn't run a high fever, but off and on he's been running a low grade one, and now we know why.

He's home now, resting after taking a double dose of antibiotics (according to the dentist) and some painkillers. I have a feeling that he'll be napping the afternoon away.

As for me, I'm using the slow cooker to make a stew for the next few days. I'm planning to start cooking slow cooker soups and things on my days off, so I don't have to worry about what's for dinner on work days. Let's see how long this lasts.

What a weekend!

Mom and Dave came to visit over the weekend. Mom has retired, and Dave is retiring later this year. In preparation for it they got an RV. Of course, they got it before gas prices starting getting out of control, and this was the first time they've taken it on the road. They stayed at Stone Mountain, which has some nice campgrounds. We went to have dinner with them, ooh and ahh over their RV, and see the laser show. The RV is quite nice. Keith and I have a pop-up trailer that we toured the country in way back in 1986. (We were actually able to get gas for $0.69 in Texas at the time!) The pop up is a step up from all the tent camping we used to do, but the RV is a small apartment on wheels. I think the only change I would make is to convert it to bio-diesel.

Anyway, on to Sunday night. I stayed up until a little after midnight reading an Agatha Christie that I hadn't read in years. I couldn't remember who the murderer was, and I just had to know. I had just dozed off when my van alarm went off. Honestly, I didn't know my van had an alarm. It has the panic button, but I didn't know it would go off if someone was trying to break into it. We looked outside, then I got the key to turn it off. We didn't see anyone, but last year there had been a rash of car break ins in our neighborhood, and I'm wondering just what is going on. We go out and look, but don't see anything wrong with it.

When I got up on Monday morning, I went out to go pull some weeds, and as I walk by the van I see some black rubbery things on the ground. I look at it, wondering just what it is, and look at the van. Someone has cut off the weatherstripping around my driver's side window and tried to pry it out! I promptly called the police and notified our neighborhood watch coordinator. When the officer arrived it turns out it's the 4th minivan attempt he's been to in 2 days! Someone is specifically looking for a van like mine. He said I was lucky because in the others they had gotten into the vans and really screwed up the drive column trying to start them. He was so funny too. He shook his head and said minivans? Why would they want them? Then he got a little embarrassed, but I know exactly what he meant. I doubt they'll try again here in our neighborhood, and now everyone is on alert. In the meantime, I have to tape my window in at the top until I can get the weatherstripping replaced. Keith thinks he can do it. I think I'll talk to the dealership too.

Not much knitting done this weekend. I was happily knitting away at Keith's heathery gray sock and put it next to the other to see how much further I needed to go before I could turn the toe. It seems it was the first time I'd looked at the two heels. The one I just finished was different from the first. I just looked and looked at it. I had read my notes. I thought they were exactly the same. The second one was smaller than the first. SH*T! I ripped the darn thing back and took out the whole heel. Picking up the yarnovers at each end of the short row is impossible for me. I am not a happy camper. I so wanted to be finished with that sock. I'm tired of the heathery gray sameness of it all. I'm several rows back into the heel again. I'm opening up some champagne when I get finished with this sock.

Keith has his root canal today. Yay! It will be over, and I won't see him wince in pain spontaneously. Now I have to get ready for my regular dental appointment.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Open mouth; insert foot

Yesterday at work a woman came in with the best hair. It was black with some ultraviolet purple, almost like the purple of a black light, near her face. I loved her hair.

We were a little busy, and she started asking me about a crochet book. I know how to crochet, but it's been years since I've done much besides the amigurumi. I mostly knit as I like the way the fabric looks better. I said we didn't have the book in stock, but perhaps it was new, and we just hadn't gotten it yet. Then she saw some of the other crochet books on the shelf, and it turns out she's in them. She's a designer visiting from California. She's Myra Wood, and she's in several books. Then she showed me an ad for the book she was asking about. It's her newest one.

Yikes! I must admit here that there are probably very few knit or crochet designers I would recognize. I may know their designs, but not their faces. I was a little embarrassed that here I work in a knitting store, and I didn't recognize a published designer. Let me say that she is just a lovely woman, very nice, and any embarrassment was strictly me beating myself up.

But what is the etiquette? When I saw she was in the book, I immediately wanted to ask her to sign it, but I didn't want to seem like a suck-up or phony sort of person. I probably just opened and closed my mouth like a fish.

In the meantime, I'll take a much closer look at the author pictures in the books. Maybe I won't seem the blithering idiot in the future. Hell, who am I kidding? I'm goofy enough that I can't help but occasionally be the blithering idiot, usually if there is someone I would really prefer to impress.

As for you, go look at Myra's work through her link above. I may decide to crochet more after seeing some of her finished goodies. They are pretty damn impressive.

Grey finally cooperates, sort of...

I won't be able to call her Princess Plumeria until next fall.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Synchronized sleeping, round two

Grey broke formation first when I caught them at it again yesterday. What I'd like to know is why is it always by my pillow? I don't love waking up with fur on my face.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Drilling the roots?

Keith has to have a root canal next week. The appointment was actually a little further into the future, but the tooth has been really hurting him the past few days. The dentist thinks the nerve is dying, and as it does so, it causes waves of horrible pain interspersed with it feeling just fine.

So, this morning we looked it up to see how it's done. I was ok with the little cartoon showing how it was performed, but the picture of the tool with the nerve still attached was a little much for me. I asked Keith if he thought he'd be knocked out for the procedure. His response was so typical. No, because he wanted to see what was removed. He wanted to see the root! I don't think I'm that curious.

Now that you are holding your jaws in sympathy pain, I'll move onto another subject. I've not said much about knitting since I'm in stockinette land. I'm working on the instep of one sock and the cuff of another in stockinette. A nice easy knit, but not an interesting blog entry.

I do have 2 new cats hanging around the house now. I have procrastinated and procrastinated about purchasing my own trap, but I think I'll just have to do it. One cat is limping some. I think it's a he, and he's probably been scrapping. The name Hopalong just popped into my head. He was on the front porch eating Chubby's food this evening. We both startled each other when I opened the door. If Hoppy cooperates, I'll take pictures. I do wonder though. Is there some secret cat code that says "hey, she'll feed you. Hang around. Look cute. Meow most pitifully. Bring your friends." Luckily, they still are greedy little beggars, and sardines are a form of kitty crack. Delicious sardines make it easy to trap kitties. I foresee a summer of TNR. Kind of like the summer of love, but with a lot of catnip.

Speaking of kitties, we think Scooter has gone deaf. It seems to have happened just over the past couple of weeks. I doubt there's anything that can be done for him, but I'll call the vet next week to see. He'll be celebrating his 18th in just a few short weeks. Sardines make a great kitty birthday dinner too.

I'm feeling pretty tired tonight. We thought about going to see the Presidents, who are in town tonight, but the show started at 9 p.m. with an opening act. I'm working tomorrow, and I'm way past my early 20's, so I opted out of going. It's really too bad as I think they would be so much fun to see. Read these lyrics (does contain one naughty word if you're prudish) and see if you don't agree. You can also listen to the song on their site. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a long, strange week it's been.

Let's go to the slightly wayback machine to last week when I was moaning about my hair. I did color it on Monday night with lot's of help from the wonder hubby. I mixed up the caca rouge, and Keith applied it to my hair. He also wrapped my head in cling wrap for me to keep the heat in, and the henna from getting all over everything. Here are some pictures.

Before :(

After :)

I have to admit I was kind of shocked to see the before picture. I'm a natural red head, and to see just how brown my hair has gotten was surprising. What I always see are the red highlights around my face (along with the gray hairs). The henna covered up all the grays and has made my hair look so much better.

So what else have I done this week?

I went to a U pick it farm yesterday with Gale yesterday. I now know exactly why those delicious raspberries cost so darn much. I picked a pint of them yesterday, followed by about 3.25 pounds of strawberries. I can appreciate the labor that goes into getting food from the field to the table. I shared the berries with Daphne, so I didn't have all of them to clean last night. What I did find was that some berries that looked so nice when I picked them had either gotten squished or too hot, for they were already mushy! They tasted good anyway.

Boy, don't you hate it when there was something you wanted to say or blog about, but when you open your mouth or sit in front of the computer - whoosh! it's gone. There was something else I wanted to share, but I sure can't remember it now.

This isn't it, but please keep Keith's dad in your thoughts and prayers. He's in the hospital with a couple of blood clots. Thank goodness he recognized the symptoms. They'll release him as soon as the medication levels get to a stable working amount.

I must admit it's been a long day, and I'm ready for an Agatha Christie and snoozing buddy. Here are two of them, but Scooter loses a few points for breaking formation.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alas! How time flies.

Today is my last day off from taking a bit of vacation this past week. We hardly did anything besides hang around the house, a little shopping, a lot of napping and a tad of clearing out our basement. The weather has been incredible this week, and I know I couldn't have asked for any better. It's been warm, but not too warm during the day, and cool at night. We did have some rain, but not too much. The breeze has been wafting the fragrant perfumes of privet and honeysuckle into the house. It's been especially wonderful since it almost always rains like mad when Keith is off, so this weather has helped keep his mood good.

We did see Ironman yesterday. I highly recommend this movie, and I must admit that Robert Downey Jr. is very easy on the eyes. Would I go see this movie again? Most emphatically yes. And I will admit here that I'll go see the Incredible Hulk later this summer because RD Jr is in it as Tony Stark also. (Hopefully without the iron suit.)

Speaking of movies, we saw the preview for the new Indiana Jones movie. I had wondered how Harrison Ford would look in it. I can't imagine anyone else as Indiana, but he's been looking more than a little rough lately. He looks good, and the movie looks great. I'm glad Karen Allen is back in this one too. She's so much better than the spineless, screaming moron from the Temple of Doom. It comes out on Thursday, but I'm sure it will be a few weeks before we go.

After the movie yesterday I made Keith go with me back to Lush. I did get Volcano, and I used it last night. It does live up to its name. It's a foot mask that helps to soften your feet, and it contains cinnamon leaf extract. It felt very cool on my feet, but after I rinsed it all off, I could tell that every capillary in my feet was opened up. My feet felt quite warm on the inside while the skin was nice and cool. I'd been neglecting my feet until about a week or so ago when Keith looked at them and said they looked dry. Since I probably won't wear any type of closed shoe except for the occasional sneaker until October, I figured I'd better start taking care of them. All I need now is a nice coat of polish.

I'd best get back to the housework. I have laundry and cooking to do to get ready for the week ahead. I'd love to let the day slip away while I nap with the cats, but if I do that, there won't be any dinner or clean underwear.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh no! Am I turning into a Lushie?

I went shopping yesterday to get some necessary items and look at new things. It's the "look at new things" I'll talk about here.

I mentioned the other day that I'm thinking of covering the gray hairs, and I've been reading about Lush's henna. What I didn't know is that Lush has a store at Lenox Square, and it's conveniently only 2 or 3 doors down from Aveda.

I've seen Lush mentioned in magazines before, and truthfully I've not paid that much attention. I also find sometimes when I'm checking out new hair or skin care, it can be overwhelming when you go into the store and know next to nothing about the products. Luckily, it was very early in the day, I was the only customer, so I could quiz the gal working there. I ended up leaving with a block of caca rouge, a small tub of Ocean Salt, I Love Juicy shampoo, and some freebies - a bath bomb and soap. And most importantly, she dropped the spring issue of their catalog into my bag (after asking if I wanted it.)

Ai yi yi! I haven't even tried the henna yet, but I want to go back and shop some more! They have non-aluminum deodorants and all sorts of fun sounding soaps to try. I really love that everything is made in small batches, and the whole company is environmentally sensitive.

Anyway, Keith was saying yesterday that if we won the lottery that I'd be a shopping fool. I argued that I wouldn't, because I really don't care about driving a Mercedes or carrying a designer purse. He said that I'd do just what I did yesterday, go several places and buy a little from each place. I'd just do it everyday. Hmm, maybe he's right.

In the meantime, I've got to work like mad to use up all the foot lotions and scrubs I already have. I really want to try Volcano, but I won't buy another until I've used up the Burt's Bee's, Queen Helene and whatever else I have.

Here I was thinking that since I was no longer working in a spa that I wasn't interested in skincare. I thought that yarn held my shopping affections. Apparently not.

As for knitting, not a whole lot of it going on this week. I keep thinking about it, just not doing too much of it. I think I'm getting geared up to start on the KALs I've signed up for this summer.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yes, u can has pictures

This is an action shot of Grey over the weekend. Sorry that she's off center, but she was trotting towards me, and I had to get the shot quickly.

Next, this is Grey today. She's not exactly happy, and I think she's actually a bit chilly. You know how weather in the South is. It was 83 last week, only around 66 today. See, she doesn't look at all happy. I know she'll thank me in a few weeks. Remember how last year it was up into the 90's by the end of May?

Monster was uncooperative, so I don't have a recent before shot for you. Here she is today, resting between petting sessions. Yes, she's a big kitty and trying to limit her food makes life a misery for us all. One day a while back I blogged that if I were to die in the house, I do believe that Monster would eat me.

Second heel turned

So now I have 2 socks back to stockinette. I did screw up on the heel of Keith's sock. Somehow I skipped a stitch on one row, but picked it up on the next. I'm undecided about ripping out this heel and fixing it, or just leaving it since it's on the bottom of the heel. The perfectionist in me says "Rip!", while a newly discovered more mellow me says, "It will be fine. Keep knitting." If I keep knitting, which is what I'm leaning towards, this will be a first. I must admit that I've spent the last 3 or 4 knitting sessions working on heels, so I'm ready for something else. I don't think it will harm the integrity of the sock if I don't rip it out. In other words, I don't think this will increase it's chances of wearing out any more quickly.

Grey and Monster look quite silly with their fresh lion cuts. Monster absolutely loves her's, and she is begging for petting all the time. I'm not sure if Grey is embarassed or maybe a little chilly. Heck, it might even be sensory overload not having that protective layer of thick fur between her and the world. She's been hiding a lot, but as the temperatures start climbing, she'll be happy not to have that heavy fur.

As for day 3 of time off, I'm heading out sometime today to stock up on Aveda haircare and maybe to Lush. I've got some gray hairs that bug me, and I was reading about Lush's henna last night. I've always been very reluctant about hair color since I'm a natural redhead, and I don't want it to look horribly fake as so many reds do. I really want to cover up the gray, especially since I saw a picture of myself, and all the gray hairs pop up in the flash. That photo made my hair look just awful.

So those are part of plans for today. We never made it to storage yesterday, but we have cleared out some of the basement. It didn't get to the state it's in overnight, nor do I think we can fix it in one day. I must admit that we've been less than active much of our time off. I think we run so much during the regular work week that when we don't have to meet deadlines, we just collapse. That's one reason I didn't want to go anywhere. So much of the time lately when we head out of town, we go sight seeing for a little while in the morning, then we go back and nap all afternoon. So why go anywhere when we'll spend a lot of the time sleeping? May as well stay here and catch up on sleep. I have to tell you, the afternoon napping has just been great so far. Another perk of staying home is that I'm never too far from Ravelry and email.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One down

I finished the garter stitch short row heel last night, and it worked out beautifully. Well, there was one hole, but that was from the first stitch becoming loose. I was able to work the yarn through the row and tighten up the hole. I'll add a picture later.

I'm up early waiting to hear from the mobile groomer. She said she would be here between 8 - 10 a.m. Monster and Grey are getting their first lion cuts of the summer. I'll probably get them trimmed again in late July or August. They look so funny, but they do love the short fur. At least this spring has been cool, and I haven't found Monster sleeping on her back under a fan yet.

It's day 2 of my time off this week. I have big plans. The Farmer's Market. Home Depot. A couple of trips to storage.

We've decided to go with Trotter for the waterproofing in the basement. It's only going to get more expensive if we wait. They're scheduling for 3 -4 weeks out, so that gives us time to clear out the basement some. We want to frame it in and make it into more living space, and taking care of leakage from monsoonal rains is the first step. We plan to add a den and a smaller room that can be a guest room. I don't think we're adding another bathroom since we're on a septic tank. We'd probably have to connect to sewer if we add a bath, and that's horribly expensive. Or, if we did add one, it's probably be a half bath. Do I need to mention that apparently we're doing most of the work? I'm not looking forward to spending my time off framing walls and doing drywall later this summer. I get little enough knitting time as it is!

We do plan to have some fun while we're both off. It's just that the house stuff never seems to get done when we're both working all the time, and Keith has a lot of vacation and personal days to use up this year. Anyway, we're planning to see Ironman sometime this week, and if the weather permits, a picnic too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've done it again.

Last week I signed up for Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl kal. She has some great designs, and frankly I wanted to see what she would come up with for the kal.

I haven't even finished the Mystery Stole 3 from last summer, so really, what am I thinking?

So while reading Wendyknits tonight, I decided to sign up for Summer of Socks 2008. I know I won't be knitting any 42 pairs of socks between 6/21 and 9/1, but I do have a lot of sock yarn I need to knit up.

And yes, I'm waiting for Sockapalooza sign ups to start. What do you think? Have I totally lost my mind?

In the meantime, I'm working on fixing the heel on my Luna moth sock. Hopefully I can have that turn out alright, then back to the Jawoll sock for Keith. After the heels, lots of easy stockinette on both for awhile. I want to get them finished, then start in on Keith's sweater again. I just really want to get some of these projects finished before I go on project overload this summer. Actually, my Sockapalooza socks would count for SoS also, so that's ok then.

Having a heeluva time, my dear. Wish you were here.*

I'm at the heel turn on two separate socks right now. I'm doing the PGR heel on Keith's heathery grey and blue Jawoll sock, and I'm trying to use Lucy Neatby's short row garter heel on my Meanie sock in the lovely Lunamoth colorway.

On Keith's sock, he wants different colored heels and toes, so I've added the blue and the blue reinforcing thread to the sock for the heel. This means I have 3 balls of yarn on this one sock right now. Really wanting to watch Bones and House last night, I did the heel on my Meanie sock so I could stick with just one ball of yarn.

Lucy suggests that you use a separate ball of yarn for the heel in order to have nice corners. Did I mention I was feeling lazy and just wanted to use one ball of yarn? I decided to carry on with my one yarn and not add any others. After all, it works for the PGR heel.

At midnight last night I had finished with the heel turn. I looked at it. Hmm, big hole on one side. Tried it on. Boy, are those rows looking too stretched out. Hell, it's midnight, and I'm going to sleep. I'll look at it again in the morning.

Heel stitches still too stretched. Big hole still there. I can see that on one side of the heel turn the rows match up nicely, but on the other you have 2 (or was it 3) trying to butt up against one, and it just doesn't work. I see how Lucy could use the yarn tail to fix that sucker up, but after taking her class, I don't think that's how she would fix it.

Knitting is a continual learning process. I pulled out my needle and frogged the heel. I decided I needed another couple of rows before turning the heel since garter is shorter than stockinette, and I hadn't thought about that. (One thing learned.) Also, I want to re-work the last row or two where the heel rejoins the sock. To hell with directions and patterns. Are they not merely guidelines? I can take what I need from them and consider what I need to do to make that heel work to my satisfaction.

I know how long I need to knit a sock foot before turning for the heel with a PGR heel, but with this new for me heel I need a new length. There is no way to get that besides a bit of trial and error. Sure, I have a very good idea of what is needed, but I'll have to knit that sucker to see if my idea works.

And thus starts day 1 of my short vacation. Just to be able to stay home and sleep late is so wonderful.

*Part of a lyric from Alice Cooper Goes to Hell. Can't remember which song it is this morning.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Finished Careless in Red

and when, oh when, is Elizabeth George's next book coming out? I'm glad I finished it today as we now have a couple of appointments set up for next week, and I have a feeling some days I won't be having too much fun. So far we have the waterproofing/foundation people coming out to look around and give us an estimate for a french drain. We also have the mobile groomer scheduled to give Monster and Grey their summer shaves. I'll have to figure out how to sneak some fun into next week, other than the sleeping late and not going to work bit. Hopefully I can also finish a knitting project or two. I really don't like having too many projects going on at one time. Some knitters are quite comfortable with 15 different projects on the needles, but I'm not one of them.

Sleep deprivation leads to lack of blogging

I've been sleep deprived all week, it seems. Starting over the weekend with being a bit nervy about the Customer Spotlight sale, followed immediately with being Lucy Neatby's driver. Who wouldn't be starstruck and unable to sleep properly? This was followed by a night with restless cats, followed be several nights of shortened sleep as Keith had to get up at the crack of dawn for early morning meetings. This morning he woke early and went back to bed. As for me, the critters were restless, so I got up and started into reading Careless in Red again. I'm over halfway through it. I can't put it down, so that says something about it.

Hopefully today I can catch up on some sleep and start to feel perky again. I'm really looking forward to taking some time off work next week. We're not going anywhere as we have things to do at home, but just to be able to sleep late, not wear make up, and wear pajamas all day if I feel like it will be wonderful. Maybe I can actually get some knitting done.

I'll finish my tale of Lucy's workshop later today. I'll need a bit more snoozing and caffeine to continue.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lucy Neatby workshop, the teaser before the commercial break.

I had signed up for the her workshop as soon as I saw it was announced on Main Street Yarns newsletter. Last year I had watched part of one of her DVD's while at dinner with other knitters. I saw enough to know that if I had been sober and not teaching myself Magic Loop while watching it that she was an amazing teacher.

I received a phone call on Thursday asking if I could drive Lucy from Atlanta to Watkinsville and back, and I immediately emailed to say Yes! I will admit to being starstruck and worried that I would make a complete fool of myself, but also there was no way I would miss a chance to talk with this incredible knitter.

While at work on Saturday, I learned that 3 of my friends had also signed up for the class. I knew Melissa had been on the waiting list, but I didn't know Maya and Miranda were taking it too. I sign up for classes knowing full well I may not know anyone there, but it's always great to find out my friends are going too.

Melissa wanted to carpool, and I jumped on that. That way it would take pressure off me having to be witty that early in the morning.

Oops, I've got to eat breakfast. It's later than I thought. More later.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Lynley novel nearly here

I got notice from Amazon that Careless in Red shipped out today. I'm sure many other Lynley fans are in the throes of anticipation of what will happen next. I just don't know what I'll do if it gets here, and I can't immediately start reading. It's similar to getting home and finding Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows waiting for me. I'll probably be up all night reading.

I'll have to update you later on the Customer Spotlight Sale. Needless to say it was great fun, and I found some items I had to buy. C'mon. It was supporting local artists and charity. Aren't those virtuous reasons to shop?

As an addendum to my rant the other night about miscast actors and bad adaptations, I want to mention that PBS is re-running Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. This is a great adaption of Holmes, and Brett plays him brilliantly. I really enjoyed these when they ran for the first time years ago. Check your local listings, but here Georgia it will be on Thursday nights at 10. You should know by now I'm a big fan of PBS. Honestly, if it hadn't been for the fact that even PBS suffered from the writer's strike, I would not have watched even one episode of Girliscious. I'm so happy the writers are back, and new episodes of Nova Science Now will be airing soon.

Friday, May 2, 2008

How cool is this?

Check out the Brelli, biodegradable umbrella. I saw this on Life as I See It. I think I'll wait until the price comes down a bit, but it is a brilliant idea.

D'oh! Of course...

Last night I was confronted with a pattern is definitely confusing, even to very experienced knitters. I had asked the Knitting Fairy and Arlene to look at it, and they thought it was odd. I knew it was missing vital info about raglan sweaters worked from the waist up.

This morning while waiting for my tea to brew, I was thinking about my other unfinished knitting projects when it hit me. That is how I'm making Keith's sweater. I'm using the Handy Book of Knitting Patterns by Ann Budd, so now I know exactly where to look for the info. I could also go online and just find an easier bear sweater pattern. I won't have much time for any of it today since I need to make more dogfood along with all the dreaded housework I've been avoiding.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Customer Spotlight Sale and a non-related rant

Just wanted to mention here that Needle Nook is having a Customer Spotlight Sale on Saturday from 2 - 6. This is like a spring fair where local artists and crafters sell their goods, and a portion of their sales go to Ovarian Cycle. The store is also selling knitted models, books, cross stitch magazines and cookies with a portion of the sales also going to Ovarian Cycle. You can read more about it here.

I had to take a break from the heathery grey slog that is sock # 2 for the hubby, so last night I started working on the second one of my Roses for You pair. I had so far only gotten the toe completed (it's a toe-up sock), and I was able to start on the lace pattern. I didn't get very far, but it was so lovely to work on muted pinks and greens for a little while. Tonight I started a teddy bear sweater, but the pattern is confusing. I asked 2 other knitters with many more years experience than I have, and the consensus was there is something amiss with the pattern. I'll pull out one of my EZ books and figure out how I'm going to make this bear sweater instead of following the pattern. Thank goodness for a reference library.

Only 5 more days until Careless in Red is released. I can't wait to read what happens to Lynley and Havers next.

I realize I've had some longer posts the past few days, but I want to rant for a few minutes. There was some conversation about adaptions of books for the screen, and I had to confess that I unfortunately resemble Comic Book Guy way too much when it comes to this sort of thing. I find myself saying "what were they thinking?", when I may really want to say "Worst adaptation ever."

The two series that were the unfortunate recipients of my small dissertation on bad adaptations were the new Miss Marple and the Lynley series on Mystery. It all began when Lou said that the new Miss Marple just wasn't right. I totally agree that she isn't being portrayed the way Agatha Christie intended. I took it from there and said how bizarrely the books have been adapted for TV.

Let's take Sleeping Murder, for example. The book itself deals with a love that has been twisted into something creepy with not only a murder, but someone driven to suicide. The adaptation was so far off base that it truly should have a "worst ever". Other than most of the names and the city being the same, they are two different stories, with Agatha's the much better one. In all likelihood if I had never read any of the books, I would be much less verbal about it. I saw the Brother Cadfael series before I ever read the books, and the miscasting of Hugh Beringar wasn't an issue.

What is quite interesting is the casting for the Lynley series, and what the author, Elizabeth George, has to say about it on her webpage. Authors get so little say in all that (just think of Tom Cruise as Lestat!) They also apparently don't get much say in screen plays. For example, think of Snape acting heroically in the movie The Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyone who read the book knows that's not right.

If you love a book so much, why make unnecessary changes. Why did Peter Jackson make Faramir a villain? When did Arwen become an elvin warrior?

One of the knitters last night had the best solution. If they ever make her favorite book into a movie, she will never go see it. I find I tend to agree. I do think The Lord of the Rings was a great set of movies. I just want to know exactly when did Frodo become such a whiny wimp? I don't remember that from any of the books.

Go see the movie or tv series first, then go read the book. Just be prepared for the book to be different and a helluva lot better. Or better yet, just go read the books. (Will I find I still enjoy Dexter as much after I read the books?) I'm sure I'll blog about that too.

I'd like to end this on a more positive note. Let's take a minute to think of some really great actors who fit their roles perfectly.

John Thaw as Inspector Morse

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

and yes, Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael. I'll admit it. I think he's a wonderful actor.