Saturday, March 27, 2010

Experimenting with dye

I've been experimenting with the acid dyes to see how they work in real life situations. Such as how long does it really take turquoise to be absorbed? (Ages and ages) Will this technique I've thought about work? The first photo is Mr. Chubbers inspecting a skein of sock yarn that I dyes with leftover yarn from sampling. I like the color, but it didn't go penetrate the skein. One side dyed more darkly than the other.

Picture 2 is the results of something I wondered about, so I tried it
out on some leftover Galway Worsted in white. There's only about
75 grams of yarn there. Possible enough for a small hat or some wristlets.

The two greens are using up leftover dyes again on Lamb's Pride Bulky in white. I think I'll take better pictures of the darker one and sell it on etsy. I'm personally not wild about the color, but I'm sure someone will like it. I do like the lighter one, and I'm planning to see if I can reverse engineer it. (Anyone from Area 51 out there willing to come help?)

I've got others that I've not taken photos of yet. I'll get them up soon.

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