Sunday, March 28, 2010

More dyeing and some knitting

We'll start with the knitting as I don't feel like wrestling with Blogger to get the pictures into an order that I find pleasing. I'll work and work, and Blogger will still format my blog as it sees fit.

Thus, the first photo you see is the Citron. I've finished with section 8, and I'm now working on the ruffle. Each row of the ruffle has 829 stitches. I have less than 8290 stitches left to knit. Sounds kind of horrifying, doesn't it?

Next we have Keith's second sock in progress. I decided to show it next to the first sock so you wouldn't think I was just recycling pictures. I thought about that when I planned to take a picture of sock 2 and I realized that sock 2 by itself looks no different from sock 1 sitting alone.

Next you will see my efforts at dyeing yarns. I'm learning that it never turns out the way you think it will. The two blue yarns are
using up leftover dyes from the day The Chicken Goddess came over and dyed up some lace yarn.

Her yarn didn't turn out at all as she thought it would either. The green yarn is my attempt to try what she had, using more acid as fixative. It didn't work as expected either.

I'm gaining a whole new respect for dyers who are able to get results they can repeat. I've not even tried to repeat anything yet,

but I'm taking lots of notes (and some pictures when I remember).

Once again we have a gray, misty day here in Georgia. It's rained so much these past 6 months I feel like I'm living in Seattle without the benefits of being in Seattle.

Hopefully it is sunny where ever you may be.

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