Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good news from the vet

Today Scooter and I spent a couple of hours at the vets. He needed bloodwork and another test to see if the bacterial infection he had was finally controlled by the antibiotics. Yes! No more bad bacteria, so no more antibiotics for him. They also got the results back from the lab late this afternoon, and his anemia is almost non-existent. However, the vet said keep giving him his liver and add his supplements back to his diet over the next few weeks. I had gotten slack about giving him the pet mobility and the glucosamine since we were having to dose him with pills twice a day and give him eardrops.

I knew today's trip would not be a quick one, so I was prepared with knitting. I'm still working on my second sock of Woolly Boully's Meanie sock yarn in Luna Moth. This poor sock has been sitting in my car for weeks, maybe even months. Lately I just haven't been knitting while in traffic, so I worked on it today while I waited and waited. Being prepared and knowing that I would be there for at least 1 1/2 hours or more made it - well, not exactly easier since my morning seemed to be slipping away, but bearable.

I'm knitting away on the second Noro Striped Scarf. It's interesting and surprising and definitely not always what I expect working on these scarves. There are parts on this one I don't like at all, but overall I think I like it. More importantly, I hope the recipient likes it. I did mention these weren't my colors, so that may be part of my less than enthusiastic response to it.

My day's not over yet. I've got to go tackle the mountain of pots and pans in the kitchen. I made vegetable curry, a separate curried chicken dish and brown rice for dinner. While it was delicious, it leaves quite a mess. The sooner I wash up, the sooner I'm knitting.

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