Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Project pictures

Ah, a few pictures for your perusal. First up is the very beginning of the Lady Eleanor Stole. It's for me, and I'm using the Noro Kureyon from last spring's disastrous Knit Around Scarf. I think this will be much better. I'd tell you what needle size I'm using, if I could remember. I believe it's size 8.

Next up is the Noro Striped Scarf in Silk Garden. Normally I would give you a bit more information, such as colors used, but Princess Plumeria is in my lap, quite exhausted from kneading my flesh until it almost bleeds. (She definitely looks at me as Mama cat, but sometimes I suffer from this affection.) This is such an easy pattern,yet I couldn't put it down since the yarn is almost magical as it changes from color to color. Go buy some Silk Garden and knit this scarf for yourself. This one? It's a gift.


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And the pictures of the flame sweater?