Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poor sad kitty

One thing I did notice while at the vet's yesterday was that Scooter really is deaf. I wonder sometimes if his hearing is selective (how does he always know a can is being opened?). However, while waiting for the vet to finish with an emergency, I heard bloodcurdling yowls coming from the back. Some other cat was not happy at all, and Scooter didn't even seem to notice.

At night when he's in the kitchen by himself, he sits and yowls. I feel so bad that he can't hear me call his name anymore. I had never thought before about how being deaf can really isolate a person or animal.


Kim said...

Poor kitten! When my ancient doggie went deaf, we took to calling her by stomping on the floor really hard. She could feel the vibrations no problem and picked up on it right away. And don't be too sad for Scooter. Now he doesn't have to worry about loud noises interrupting his naps!

trh said...

I'm so sorry about Scooter! I've never had a deaf cat and I cannot imagine how they feel - I do know that my cats rely on their sense of hearing in a big way. My breast cancer kitty has another lump on the side where they already removed absolutely everything. She's ok for now - still feeling fine and acting fine. But I'm guessing that won't last too terribly much longer.