Friday, April 2, 2010

Finished Citron

Here is the finished Citron. I haven't blocked it yet, so it's more ruffly than it will be in the future. It's so lightweight and soft, the perfect type of shawl to toss into your purse when going to the movies this summer. (I haven't been to a movie since last summer when we saw Terminator Salvation, so hopefully something interesting will come along.)

This other item is the beginning of a top down, wrap sweater. That's the neckline you see there. I'm using Zara by Filature di Crosa, and I'm loving it. It's a tightly spun merino wool, so it's very soft and has a squooshy feel to it. I'm so glad that I got this when it was on sale, but now I'm wishing I'd gotten more.
I'm about 2 rounds from the heel on Keith's second Malabrigo/Prairie sock. I need to sit down and get that done so I can get those socks finished.
In other news, the sun is finally out! We've had several days so far with no rain, and I'm looking forward to getting a bit more yardwork done tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!


Kyoko said...

Hi Eve!
Wow, the Citron looks really amazing. Oh, I want to knit myself a shawl too :D
You know, I am just back from japan and it was absolutely freezing. UK was much warmer and now I am looking forward to saying hi to the sun.
Hope you had a great Easter!

Eve said...

Hi Kyoko,

Citron is really easy, and I think I'll knit another one soon.

I'm glad you're back ok and getting enjoy the sun.