Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm exhausted!

This is what happens when I read gardening books and magazines. Like most people, I get spring fever.

It's especially bad this year after all the months of nonstop rain (with some snow tossed in there too), and I've got it bad.

Since we've got classic Georgia red clay and only a few flat, sunny areas in our yard in which to plant, I decided that after Keith cleared out an area for me to use, that I would follow the advice of those books and magazines and double dig the garden area.

I'll admit, here and now, that I'm a middle aged woman who could lose a few pounds. Double digging sounds like good exercise, right?

Ok, what in the world was I thinking? It's darn hard work. On Monday morning, I did about half the garden area. Yesterday I hurt quite a bit, but by later in the afternoon, I decided to move some flagstone and hoe up weeds, thinking it would be less labor intensive than all that digging. Today Keith got up with me, and we finished digging out the bed, then added the compost, sulfur, vermiculite and organic vegetable fertilizer. Funnily enough, I don't feel as sore as I thought I would be, but I'm still too stiff to attempt yoga.

Anyway, that's why I've not been blogging as much, and I'm also apologizing for not keeping up with comments better. I probably won't be here much over the next few days either as tomorrow I get to add more granite sand and level it out for the shed foundation. I'm sure I'm the one who will get to paint the plywood floor before installation too. I've got some sort of vining weed from the mint family that is taking over my long neglected from flower beds, so once I'm finished with the parts of the shed that I can do, I've got tons of weeding to do.

One good thing about all these gardening magazines is that I've found a nontoxic recipe to kill poison ivy. I'll give it a try and report back.

I do have pictures of much of this too. They're still on the camera right now. I'll get to them soon. I'll be back as I can!

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