Friday, April 23, 2010

I know!

I've been a bad blogger. It seems when I get really busy in real life, the blog just falls by the wayside.

Keith was home on staycation last week, and we installed a foundation for a shed. That took a lot of work over 3 days. We had to rent a truck, get lots of gravel (2500 lbs!), unload the gravel, build a frame with landscape timbers, and finally move all the gravel. We couldn't drive and unload the truck close to the shed site because we can't drive over the septic field, especially since it's not even a year old! I think it took Keith 23 wheelbarrow loads to move it all. (I did help shovel, and I took one small load up, but he did the bulk of it. I did, however, drill holes and hammer enormous nails into the timbers.)

I'll post pictures of all that later.

Yesterday we emptied out the composter (and I have no idea when the last time we did that was) and moved 3 wheelbarrow loads to the front where we're planning to plant some veggies and a few flowers. I tested the soil and discovered it needs just about everything. That means a trip to Home Depot to pick up fertilizer and vermiculite to lighten up the clay soil. The compost will help, but I think it will need more than that. I'll post a few pictures of that too.

I went to Stitches South today and was pretty controlled about buying yarn. Being a former yarn shop employee and helping Gale with fiber festivals this past year has really helped me in the self control department. It has to be knock me off my feet gorgeous for random yarn purchases. There were some nice yarns, but other than some Berroco Vintage for a vest for Keith, I only purchased a few from Sanguine Gryphon and Neal the Weaver. The best part was going with friends and seeing others there that I've not seen in awhile.

I'm off to do more laundry. The dryer took some time off, and now it's working again.

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