Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh! My aching legs!

I've learned two things don't go well together - spinning for the first time in several months and deciding to start Couch to 5K.
That means you'll get shin splints within the very first 2 minutes of walking.

However, the Moonbeams are just gorgeous.
Keith is on staycation this week, so the future holds more physical torture for me. He's doing C25K also, and he's in better shape than I am. He's got a longer stride, so I'm having jog a few steps every here and there just to keep up with him when we're walking.
Our future holds building a shed this week. It's been in pieces in our basement since just before the monsoons started last September. Today will involve gravel, lots of it, for a shed foundation.
Before the day is over, I may be wishing that I was dating House just so I could snag a Vicodin or two. I'll have to settle for Tylenol and a hot soak with Epson salts.
I hope I'll be able to spin that last Moonbeam tonight. I'm looking forward to plying them together and using my lazy Kate for the first time.
ETA: I do have better pictures of the spun Moonbeams. They're still in my camera, so I'll post them later today, Keith willing. (He can be a harsh taskmaster when he's on a mission.) Hey, I'll post pics of the shed too.

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