Monday, August 24, 2009

Better late!

Here are the Sunday pictures. Yes, I know they are late. Yesterday got away from me.
First of all, you see Lily sleeping in an urn outside. I really need to pull the weeds from the urn and plant it with something fun that can hold up to cats sleeping on it. Maybe catnip?
Next up is what happens when I remove the crockpot liner and leave the empty outer ring sitting on the counter overnight. I had no idea that it was the perfect size for a smallish cat to fold herself into.
In fact, I didn't notice Lily in the crock pot until I went to take a dish from the cabinet above her. She moved and startled me. Then I took a look and started laughing. She slept there for several hours, got up to eat and got back into the crockpot. I had to leave her there until Keith could see it for himself. We did put it back up, but I think I'd better wipe it out well before I use it again. And you can't tell from this picture, but the crockpot is unplugged.

The blueness that is next is a gift that I'm knitting. I'm not sure if the recipient reads my blog.
I thought I'd take a chance and just post a small portion showing the wonderful color. It's Marble Chunky, and I can't remember the color number. It's a really nice yarn to use.

Next up is another sample sock I'm knitting for Gale's Art. This colorway is Autumn Fire. The color is a little washed out as I'm using a different camera, so I have to learn all over again how to take pictures.

Finally is a hat that I'm knitting as a shop model. The yarn is Mochi Plus, and the colorway is Autumn Rainbow. The tam is a free pattern from Crystal Palace. It's so fun to knit with the short rows. I'll admit that I had a devil of a time with it at first as I found the pattern just a wee bit confusing. I got it all figured out, and I'm rocking along with it.
As you can see, the inspecter is there to make sure my knitting is up to par.


Kim said...

They DO fit perfectly in the crockpot! *cackles evilly*

Kyoko said...

The photos are totally making me laugh!!! Lily is such a clever kitty cat to be able to roll up in small container. My cats would only sleep in a place where there is a huge space. Love the knitting.
They are always on the stone bench! It's the best :D
Hope you are having a good week.