Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm still here

The heat and humidity of a southern summer often has the effect of slowly steaming your brain.

I have been knitting, but it's a stealth project (gift), and I can't post pictures of it.

I've been experiencing that slight downtime after finishing a project. I put a lot of energy into getting the socks finished for Gale so she'd have them for her next show (this weekend). The things that I've done that are blogworthy either need me to take pictures, or they are in a state where I can't share them yet.
I'll end here today with a picture of Keith's "angel", or as she's better known, Lilydammit! I'm not sure why my sewing machine was the place to be, but I really need to get a cover stitched up for it. I'm sure, however, the sewing machine maintenance place has seen cat fur in the machines before now.
By the way, I have donned my new rainboots and sprayed herbicide on the poison ivy. I must add that I really hate using herbicide, but as I can no longer pull it up by the roots while wearing shorts, flipflops and a tank top, I have no choice but to resort to chemical warfare. Poison Ivy, it's on!

1 comment:

Kyoko said...

Hehe! Kumo does EXACTLY the same thing, sitting on my sewing machine WHILE I AM USING IT! :D
She is so cute though ;)
Manual removal of weed (especially where there is poison ivy) must be hard. As long as it is a small quantity and the right chemical, it should be OK. You are very good to consider things like this :D
Hope you had a good weekend!