Friday, August 28, 2009

Kitten rescue

This is part of an email I received last night:

I want to get your opinion because I know you r a cat lover-aren't you? My sitter has taken in 5 kittens about 1 month old. They were left by their mother in their backyard and they r temporarily taking care of them until they can find a home for them. One of the kittens has a mouth injury that has caused trouble with eating. They took this kitten in to a vet for an opinion on fixing it's mouth and it will be a lot of money. So my question is, do u know anyone that is willing to adopt any of these kittens or know anyone that is willing to baby this injured kitten?

So locals, I need some low cost vets who work with those who rescue animals. I've gotten some suggestions - Spot Society, Lifeline Animal Project, Good Mews, Furkids, but if you know of a local vet who can help, please mention them in the comments. I plan to find out some more about the surgery because we all know "a lot of money" means different things to different people. Please keep these little ones in your thoughts. Thank you.

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