Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog days

Yes, it's the dog days of August. I've started working again part time, on a sort of flexible schedule which means it might different days each week. You take a break from retail, then you're back at it, on your feet all day long, and you feel tired. Not a little tired, but bone tired and yawning so widely that it seems your head might split at the ears. Add to that an unusually packed calendar, and you get someone who not only isn't knitting, but not blogging or doing much else besides sleeping when she can.

Thus, these mini posts are to say I'm still around, but dreaming of a second nap today. I've already napped a bit today, and when I got up, I found hubby lounging on the sofa with his eyes closed. Some days you just have to rest. Besides, it's one of those days where it's cloudy and rainy, then the sun peeks out, heats it back up and it sprinkles again. In other words, it's a good day to nap.

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