Sunday, February 21, 2010

Citron's beginning

Citron's beginning
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I'm playing around with how I add pictures today. I've not used all my space in blogger yet, but in anticipation of someday needing other options, I'm trying some out.

I know you won't recognize Citron, even you other knitters out there, because I'm only on row 12, and it looks a little like a sock toe right now. In the future, it will be a monster with 800+ stitches on a row. I'm not looking forward to that part. Someone else who is knitting it mentioned it took her 35 minutes to complete 1 row the other night. As I approach that, I'll bear in mind just how great it's going to look, and how nice to wear. One needs positive thinking as she starts an 800+ stitch row.

I will have to cut this entry short. Hubby is making breakfast, and I just heard a timer go off. He expects me to be at the table on time! As it's bacon and biscuits, I want to be on time too.


Kyoko said...

I love the design of citron. Though 800 sts are massive!!
Can't wait to see it ;D
Looking at the photos in the previous posts, it looks very cold there. Hope your knitting is keeping you warm and cozy :D

Eve said...

Hi Kyoko,

It has been freezing cold here, but luckily I've also got kitties to keep me warm!