Monday, February 8, 2010

Hunting owl?

Last night, just outside our kitchen door, we heard some very strange noises.

They definitely weren't human. I listened, trying to decide if it was a coyote, but it also sounded like something we had heard years ago. An owl, happily trying to hoot around a mouthful of prey.

Now I'm worried about my two feral cats who hang around. If it's really the owl, which I've been pretty sure is a large one (we think it's a Barred Owl), what was it getting near my kitchen door? One of my ferals? The neighbor's ankle biter of a dog? Or some poor possum making its rounds to see if there is any catfood left over?

I will say that if you ever do hear an owl trying to talk with its mouth full, it's a pretty funny sound. I'm not sure I can find anything like it online, but I haven't looked. I don't really have time to look for that today, what with trying to run all my errands before the next rain event starts. I hate slogging through rain to grocery shop. That's less than fun.

However, and I know some of you may have a few minutes to spare, see if you can find a barred owl calling with a full beak. Link it so we can all listen to it.

See, Mondays can be fun. :)

ETA - I found one that sounds similar! Go listen here!

Second edit - I found an owl cam! How cool is this? I really need to quit looking up owl info and get moving.

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Janice in GA said...

OMG, you should have seen Jasper's face when I played that owl-hoot clip. He thought it was scary, and barked at it.