Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh, it's raining like mad again, and the water's rising.

However, we did go through and toss some stuff that should have been tossed some time ago. Regretfully, we also had to toss some stuff (books) that we would have kept if they weren't horribly waterlogged.

I've been watching the weather, and it's almost like a horror story. People here in Georgia have been swept away by flood waters. There are some giant sinkholes swallowing up parking lots. I'm not thrilled with what's going on here at our house and on our street, but we are actually very fortunate.

I'm really not being a Pollyanna about it. Even if we end up throwing out everything in our basement, which I hope we won't have to do, material goods can be replaced. Nothing will be able to replace the missing child who was probably swept away by the storm.

Next, almost all of my fabric and all of my yarn is upstairs, above the flood. That makes me very happy.

And finally, sometimes procrastination is a good thing. Keith had thought we'd have our basement framed in and sheetrocked by now. It didn't happen, and now we know that we have other things to tackle (bricking in the garage door) before framing in the basement. My beloved has thought all along that he and I would do the framework (ha!), so it's been put off and put off. Just a little while ago he said he was so happy that he didn't have his den put together yet.

Please do keep some good thoughts for my two feral kitties, Mamacat and Hopalong. I haven't seen either one of them all day, not even when the rain stopped for a few hours, and I'm worried about them both. I have a very good idea of where Mamacat lives, and for the most part it's a great place as she always looks dry and fluffy. I think Hopalong hangs out with her sometimes too. My fear is that she got trapped by the rapidly rising waters, and well, you can deduce the rest.

As for my very spoiled varmints, they are quite irate that I'm not letting them outside to go potty in the mulch or down into the basement for some lurking. I know I will have to pay for my human insolence in the very near future.

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