Friday, September 25, 2009

Still cleaning

But now things are getting interesting. Not in the good way.

I washed a small load of linens that had been swamped in their storage container, then popped them into the dryer. I was starting the washer for the next load when I smelled burning. I turned off the dryer and unplugged it, making sure there were no flames or smoldering areas before I left.

We also have a second fridge in our basement. I love having the second fridge. It gives us space for storing all those odds and ends that you don't use every day (quart of capers), and we need the extra freezer space since our main fridge has the tiniest freezer. I wonder if our cooler has more space than our freezer.

Anyway, we unplugged it during the deluge, gave it time to dry out, and turned it back on. Apparently something is wrong with it, and this has become clear after I'd gone and done grocery shopping. I have to decide what goes into the cooler and what I can squeeze into the main fridge.

I had really planned to be on my 4th or 5th load of laundry as Fridays have turned into my regular laundry day, but it's not working out.

Thanks for letting me whine a little. I know many other people have been impacted by flooding much worse that we have, and I keep that in mind to maintain my perspective. However worse other have had it doesn't negate the fact that having a foot of water in your basement is a major pain in the butt, and cleaning it all up really sucks. And no matter the circumstances, having to replace appliances is also a pain, and facing having to do two at the same time - ugh. Luckily, hubby may be able to fix the dryer, and we may also be able to get the fridge repaired too.

On the good side of things, I went outside last night, and both of the feral kitties were waiting to be fed. That was great since I hadn't seen Hopalong in several days, and I'd been worried he may be met an untimely end. He's gained a little weight since he got snipped, so he probably climbed a tree and waited out the mess. I just know that the first night he came back he got a little closer to me than he normally does while waiting for his kibble.

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Kim said...

No apologies, missy! Any amount of flooding is bad. Just because other people had it worse doesn't mean yours doesn't suck.