Thursday, October 29, 2009

Even during stress, there's levity

I have been filling in at the knit shop where I formerly worked for the past few months as a little background to my tale.

When my hubby appeared in the store yesterday, I was surprised and shocked. He very rarely drops in to say hi, but he had news for me. He had a gift certificate from Barnes & Noble that he said I could use, and as he was near one, I'd asked him to pick up Heat Wave for me. I'd also asked him about something else a few days ago, which I'd already forgotten, but he hadn't. So he walks into the store, announcing as he does, "I got that book for you, and your Playboy too."

Yes, he says it in a knit shop filled with about 4 or 5 customers. Granted, I'm not sure anyone heard him. Also, there was no one in there who really knew me well enough to say something about it. I will admit to some slight mortification with his announcement though. Let's admit it, do you want to buy baby yarn from a woman who reads Playboy? In my defense, I had read on Ravelry in the Simpsons fan group that Marge was on the cover. Being a long time fan of The Simpsons, how could I not get it? I personally wasn't quite bold enough to go purchase it on my own, but I luckily have a husband who would do the task. In case you're wondering (and I know you are), Marge was the centerfold, and it's almost tame enough to be on TV. The best part though, is Homer's silhouette against the wall. (Yes, it's very tame too. Get your mind out of the gutter. This is Playboy, and you actually can read it for the articles.)

As for me, I won't be working at said knit shop much longer. I had a very interesting discussion with the hubby, and those who know him know he's not very tactful, but he is honest. We've worked a deal, and although it involves me actually doing housework, I will get off my lazy ass and get my own etsy shop going. The etsy probably won't start rolling until January 2010, as there are things to get into place. I have a long and horrible to do list for today, which has a lot of drudgery on it - ugh!

Oh knitting! You came here for knitting? Well, I finished off the baby surprise jacket a couple of nights ago. I need to figure out if I want to do anything to the collar. I picked up my green Basil and for some reason that V neck and I just can't seem to hit it off. I've done the bloody thing before, but this time that darn thing just doesn't want to work for me. I finally cried "uncle!" and tossed it back into the knit bag. Then I pulled out my very lovely Pimenton Malabrigo that I've had since 2005 and cast on a February Lady Sweater. The Malabrigo's gauge isn't the same as the pattern calls for, but I'm adjusting by knitting a different size, and I think I'll be alright. One lovely thing about neck down knitting is that you can adjust as you go.


Anonymous said...

I think it might have been infinitely more funny if he had been picking up a Playgirl for you. Because imagining your husband purchasing that makes me giggle a little!

I was working evening watch this week, and have next Wednesday off. But I should be in for knitting group around November 11.

Kim said...

So . . . you read it for the articles. Suuuuure . . . :-)