Monday, October 26, 2009

Presented for your amusement

Let me preface this post by saying that in the past, I've done such things as read Beowulf and Dante's Inferno for fun. I could quote Shakespeare, and actually name the act and scene that I was quoting. Sure, that knowledge is still there, buried under the detritus of testosterone packed action adventure movies, waiting for a reason to be resurrected.

Today is not the day.

Castle is on tonight. In this past week's Entertainment Weekly, the reviewer gave it a "B", saying that the chemistry between Castle and Beckett needs some ignition.

I, for one, must state that I watch Castle because it's cute, mindless and has Nathan Fillion in it. That's when I realized that I could watch Nathan read the phone book.

Can you just imagine him working his way through the endlessness of Jones and Smiths? Even by John Jones #105, he could make it interesting with a quirk of a smile, the simple lift of an eyebrow, and I would watch. After all, I'd be knitting the whole time anyway and dreaming of Malcolm Reynolds.

Well, off to pursue the adventures of finding the perfect head of broccoli and soup making. I'm looking forward to tonight. I may not have Captain Reynolds to snuggle, but I do have a wonderful real life hubby who also watches Castle.

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Kim said...

The truth. You speaks it.