Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where did the week go?

I didn't realize it had been a whole week since I've posted. I guess I've been busier than I thought, including several nights where I was only on the computer long enough to check the weather and make sure I wasn't needed anywhere.
Things are returning to a state closer to normal now. Last Monday we had a rather large pile of trash at the street. We have a few more things to add for tomorrow, but it's almost back to our low levels of trash (thanks to curbside recycling).

Keith was able to fix the dryer yesterday. I had spent Monday afternoon at Gale's house. She worked in her dye studio while I knitted and dried 3 loads of laundry in her dryer. I had missed hearing from Chicken Goddess, who also offered me use of her dryer. She had emailed me, but as I've not been on the computer much this week, I had missed seeing the email.
Tuesday involved the dermatologist, and I honestly don't remember what I did after that, other than cooking a big breakfast when I got home.

Wednesday I was gone all day working, then out at the Artist's Way Group that night. No computer time at all that day.
Thursday. What did I do on Thursday? I honestly don't remember. I think it involved catching up on dishes, but about all I remember was staying in my pj's most of the day until it was time to shower and get ready to go to knitting guild. Candace Eisner Strick was there. She was in town to teach some classes, that honestly I wasn't much interested in taking. And I'll admit that some of the guest teachers have given such boring presentations at the meetings that I don't much look forward to the "superstars". However, I found Candace to be very entertaining and interesting. The knitted items she had with her that night were really quite nice too. She made up for my missing Fringe.
On Friday. How will I ever be able to forget Friday? And I must blame/thank Chicken Goddess for it.
The day started innocently enough. I had gone over to CG's house last month to watch Bollywood and knit, but her TV system went kaput on her. She had to get a new home theatre system to replace her aging components which couldn't or wouldn't communicate with the newer ones. (This is something that I know is in my future. Our ancient console TV needs a good slap to get it going when we turn it on. Yeah, let's leave out the B&D jokes surrounding the TV, shall we?) Thus, she has insisted that she has purchased all this stuff just for me, and I must come over to watch it with her. The whole basement flooding/stuff getting wet/appliances not wanting to work thing has sort of consumed my life this past 10 days or so, and I just hadn't felt like I could run off to watch TV and knit all afternoon. Besides, my beloved husband would have a fit that I was goofing off and not working on the house when it so desparately needed it.
However, I had gotten laundry caught up, thanks to the kindness of neighbors and friends (I don't think I mentioned my neighbor Wanda let me dry 3 or 4 loads of laundry last Sunday, did I?) The house, while not exactly wonderfully clean, was good enough I could sneak off for a little while, and so I did.
I have now watched Om Shanti Om and Jhoom Bara bar Jhoom (my spelling may be a bit off). You must remember that most of the time I watch movies that have monsters or aliens, explosions and lots of muscle. After all, Predator is one of my all time favorite movies as it has Arnold in his prime, miles of steriod enhanced musculature and one mean m-f of an alien. Watching these movies full of singing and dancing (and one majorly hot, probably yoga enhanced male torso) were very different from my usual fare. I wish I could instantly learn Hindi so I wouldn't have to read subtitles. That's very distracting from all the dancing. And knitting? I gave up trying, especially after Jackson, a very large grey kitty who has coloring like my Princess Plumeria, except his fur is short, decided that my lap was wonderful. I sat there, hypnotized by Bollywood and Jackson's happy purring. That sure as hell beats mopping any day.
Well, I'll pay for it today. We had some things in the cooler from the downstairs fridge, and I totally forgot to buy more ice. I have to go through and toss some more stuff. Time to get the compost bucket and spend some quality time in our finally dried out and smelling much better basement. I still have this running through my head.
Oh yeah, there are knitting pictures way up above, aren't there? The sock is another sample for Gale's Art. The colorway is Autumn Fire, which I can't seem to properly photograph. The other is a Baby Surprise Jacket in her Crayon Box colorway.
The kitty picture is Mr. Chubbers dawdling on his way back into the house. Kitties really can be like stubborn kids. Sure, I'll go back inside, but I'll take my time and maybe you'll forget you want me to.

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