Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In the really hope I was dreaming category...

This morning I woke up abruptly, or so it seemed, when I felt something running around on the bed.

We don't normally sleep with the kitties at night. While Mr. Chubbers is the best, quiet, stay in one place all night long cat, Lily likes to engage in early morning aerial acrobatics while Princess Plumeria just meows in the most pitiful way possible to let us know she's in dire need of petting.

So, when I thought I felt something running on me, I instantly knew it wasn't a cat.

Then, when I felt it on the top of my head, I freaked out.

I tried to say Keith's name, but no sounds came from my mouth. (At this point I should have realized that I might still actually be asleep. I may be a quiet person much of the time, but I don't have any problems talking.)

I tried again. "Keith! Turn on the light! There's something in the bed with us!"

That woke him instantly. He wanted to know what it was.

"A mouse, a chipmunk, I don't know!"

The covers got tossed back. I tentatively touched my pillow and jumped at what I saw beneath it. It was the bandanna I used to cover my eyes while I'm napping.

Keith's reaction to all this? He was "dreaming like hell" when I woke him up, and how did I know I didn't dream it? After all, it's not likely we'd have a mouse in our house with the cats.

Well, that's not exactly true. Sure, no mouse in its right mind would willingly come into our house, but as I had just grabbed Lily with a live chipmunk in her mouth just a week or so ago, there may be a small rodent inside most unwillingly.

As it was about 6:30 a.m., we went back to bed after thoroughly checking the covers. Keith is convinced that I dreamed it all. While I'm not as sure, he sometimes thrashes around like crazy when he's REM sleeping, so it may have been nothing more than him pulling on the covers. Although, I'm sure I felt something in my hair....


Shari said...

I was dogsitting at a friends a month ago, and woke to a funny, slight burning sensation on my stomach...as I was sleeping on my stomach, I thought it was my skin pinched into my nightgown. So, I took my hand and brushed against that spot, and felt something there, which freaked me out,so I took my hand and swept whatever it was away from me and over the edge of the mattress. I then turned on the light and looked to see what it was. IT WAS A SCORPION!!! It had stung me 4 times, so my point is, if you think you feel something there...FREAK OUT! :)

Kyoko said...

That must have been quite frightening to wake up with a chupmunk next to your head!
Although there are no other mammals in our household, there seem to be quite a few spiders which Kumo seem to love eating...(yuk!)
I usually sleep with my cats but when Kumo eats a spider, I sleep on my own!