Friday, October 9, 2009

Just my imagination?

I'm still not sure if there was something in the bed with us the other night.

Shari, Keith had to comment about your scorpion experience. Once when we went camping, he had one crawling up his leg as we were packing up camp. It met an untimely demise as it had been heading for his "equipment". We've been very fortunate in that I've only found 1 here at our house in the very long time that we've lived here. However, a time or two we've had absolutely huge wolf spiders in the basement. They're not as large as tarantulas, but they're not that much smaller either.

Kyoko, my dear departed Pixel loved nothing better than hunting and eating the little brown spiders that would sneak into the house. Ugh! It always made me a little queasy to see her hunting down a spider.

I had good intentions yesterday. Stay home with Keith and do a few chores around the house. There are always chores to be done as I typically avoid them for as long as possible. However, I received an invitation I couldn't refuse from the Chicken Goddess, and soon I found myself heading off to the Whole Nine Yarns.

The Atlanta metro area has a lot of yarn/knit shops from which to choose, but I must admit that after Needle Nook, I rather like the Whole Nine Yarns, Mainstreet Yarns and Fibers, and Knitch. The Whole Nine Yarns and Mainstreet Yarns and Fibers are both far enough away that I don't get to either of them very often. (Ok, when I used to have to drive to Athens to get catfood, I did go to Mainstreet pretty regularly. Now I've found a place that carries Eagle Pack Holistic here in town, so I'm not out that way as often.)

Part of the allure is that they carry Rowan yarns and books. I have a strange weakness for Summer Tweed, and I also now have a sweater's worth of Calmer to knit up also. Yesterday I was able to control myself, purchasing only a sweater pattern from Chic Knits and some sock yarn from Greater Adirondack Yarns.

Thus, no mopping was done yesterday, and I've made a stab at it today. I'll admit that I'll pick doing laundry over mopping any day. Let's face it. Mopping is futile. Thirty minutes after I mop, there will be muddy pawprints on the floor. Why even bother? It's hard work with not much payoff. And honestly, while I love the idea of the Swiffer Wetjet, they lie! It doesn't clean a dog stained floor. It moistens the mud and just moves it around. I know that I have the awfulness of having to actually get on my hands and knees and scrub that darn floor like mad, and I just can't seem to make myself do that. Maybe if I were bribed with a half day at the spa, but unless we win the lottery tonight, I know that ain't gonna happen. (And if we win the lottery, I can pay someone else to scrub the darn floor for me.)

I have occupied myself with laundry, cooking and doing dishes, mostly done in mopping avoidance. I did tackle the hall bathroom, but I think it's going to need to be scrubbed by hand also. Moist, rainy days + Georgia red clay + pets = more mud than I want to think about.

I will take a brief moment and give my Scumbuster some high praise. It sure made cleaning the shower tile a lot easier.

I think tonight I'll practice my shooter pouring since I have to make Mudslides at Knit Nite in the near future. This is the only thing I'm liking that has the word "mud" near it. (Remember, don't brag about your pouring skills unless you're ready to prove 'em.)

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Shari said...

Well tell Keith that I had another scorpion encounter this weekend...found one dead on Saturday on the floor of the cabin, then one showed up yesterday, was almost like wasn't there and all of a sudden it didn't survive the onslaught of shoe leather!