Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feeling human is in sight

Hmm, after all the sci-fi of the past few days, maybe I'd feel better if I were a shape shifting alien. I could have shifted away from whatever virus has been attacking me.

I noticed that while I'm still tired, my appetite is coming back, and now I want some Mexican food or maybe a pizza. I've noticed I'm not hungry for something like a big salad, but instead something carby with melted cheese.

I've felt well enough to knit again today while watching Nova's What Darwin Never Knew. I've gotten to the heel of Keith's sock, and I had to set it aside as I want to try Priscilla Wild's short row heel. Now that I'm not mesmerized by scientists searching through the genetic code for switches that turn genes on and off I'll be able to concentrate on a a new heel.

Sometimes I do wonder if I'd been able to better concentrate in my youth would I have gone on to be in a laboratory, poring over DNA sequences? Or would I have dumped the biology for astrophysics and spent my nights looking at blurry points of light millions of light years away? Who knows? I'll bet in an alternative universe there is another me who does exactly that.

Maybe I need to go in search of dinner and leave the wanderings of a hungry brain here before they get into stranger territory.

Belatedly, have a Happy New Year!

ETA - I've gone back to the PGR heel that I normally do. Here I was, doing exactly what I tell other knitters not to do, working on blue yarn so dark it looked black. Using US size 1.5 needles to try out a new heel in the not so great light of the bedroom. After several rows, and realizing one of the first ones just wasn't right, I frogged back and restarted with my standard short row heel. You know, if you do yarnovers and purl 3 through the back enough times, it's actually pretty easy and mindless. This heel should be especially strong as it has a lot of Grey's fur knitted into it. I can barely pry her out of my lap.

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