Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life goes on

As do the knitting and the chores. First you see my February Lady Sweater in progress. I'm working along on the sleeve. You may remember that I was running out of yarn, and that my yarn is from October 2005. I was able to find some that were fairly close, and the new yarn is what I'm using for the sleeve. One thing about Malabrigo and other handpainted/kettledyed yarns is that they pattern one way when you knit back and forth, and a different way when you knit in the round. While the colors match pretty well, I think the swirling of knitting in the round may make the difference in dye lots a bit more noticeable. Oh well, that's what I get for changing my mind about what to use the yarn for, then changing the size. When I'm helping people purchase yarn for a project, some get a little upset that I gently insist they purchase an extra ball. Honestly, this is why I suggest that. Purchase what you think you will need, then a little bit more. It's truly better to have extra than to run short.
As for running short, I think these socks for Keith will be just fine since I'm using the Malabrigo for the heels, toes and part of the cuff. They're coming along nicely. I think the Yarnsmith yarn he chose is really quite nice to knit, and I like the way the color is swirling around the foot.

And finally, there are always chores to be done around any house, and laundry is no exception. However, there's nothing like warm, fresh from the dryer laundry to wear a cat out. Here are some pictures of Lily helping Keith put up his T-shirts. She found the endeavor to be quite exhausting, so she had to take a nap. Keith left her there to sleep, and there she stayed until midway through the night when she decided that sleeping between the two humans was warmer, more comfortable, and she could wake Keith up for a little petting.

In the last picture you can see her lip is swelling again. We went to the vet again yesterday, and he's happy with the improvement, but she'll need a few more shots of the super strong antibiotic. The vet was out (!), so we'll take her back early next week when the order comes in.

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Kyoko said...

Loving the knits! And Lily's photos made me smile. Over in London we are having such a miserable rainy day and to see such a sweet kitty cat is a real blessing. Hope her lips will be OK. We took Wata to the vet the other day for an annual booster but unfortunately he is loosing weight quite a bit. He is happy though as i give him special treats.
I have been wanting to knit something with Malabrigo. You are totally tempting me.. !