Sunday, January 24, 2010

I've been gallivantin' around

That's why I've been slack and not written for a whole 2 weeks!

I do wish I had pictures for this post, but we've had rain it seems every other day, and my stone bench hasn't been dry in some time. Or, I've not been around to take pictures as I've been running around.

What has filled all my time, you may ask? Well, the holidays are over, and I've been catching up with friends. I've pulled my calendar in order to share my past two weeks with you.

One of the things about living where I do is the DeKalb Farmers Market. Gale seldom goes there, even though I don't think she lives that far away, but we all have our shopping radius. (Shopping radius - the distance we'll go to buy bananas.) Whenever we think about moving, I think where in the world would I go grocery shopping? I do a large amount of my shopping there as it's got just about everything I could want at great prices. I had a friend who lived out towards Athens, and she was in a group of women who took turns driving into town to buy groceries from there. Heck, I'd be, forget the group. I'd still drive there even if I lived an hour away - I'd just plan better than I do. As it is, I've started meal planning, and I think it's making a positive impact on my grocery spending.

Sorry for the advert for the Farmer's Market. Needless to say, I love it, as does Gale, but she doesn't go there often. What we do now, when she gets the urge to go, is meet for lunch at their cafeteria and shop together. That way we can visit and get a necessary chore done at the same time. I will often pack a cooler, and that way I can go to the regular grocery store and the health food store for my frozen waffles, and before you know it, the day is sped by.

Hmm. Maybe my other gallivantin' should be saved for later today or tomorrow. I have tales about most of it, but I'm sure you're missing pictures and don't want to read a lot this morning. I'll just mention the other lunch from the same week.

I recently had a college friend track me down, and it turns out she lives in Peachtree City. She's been asking me if I were going to our college reunion, and honestly, I'm not planning on it. What I said was, how about if I drive down that way and we go to lunch instead? And I did.

Mind you, Peachtree City doesn't look that far away on a map. I should have known better, but I didn't realize just how far away it was until I mapped it out online. Oops. Lesson learned. Check mileage before opening mouth. However, I'd said I'd go, and there was a knit shop down there I'd never been to, so I decided to skip yoga and head on out.

Very good thing I skipped yoga. There I was, zipping around the south end of the perimeter (I-285 for those of you who aren't familiar with Atlanta) when I received a phone call from another gal I was needed to catch up with. I had on my headset, so I wasn't holding my phone, but she called as I was approaching the turnoff of I-85 south. Let me tell you, even if I weren't yakking away on the phone, I probably would have missed the turn. It's a little odd. However, I was talking on the phone, looking for my exit, when all of a sudden I noticed I was approaching I-20 west. Huh?

For those who don't know, the perimeter is a highway that circles the entire city of Atlanta in the suburbs. When I first moved here, one of the Braves players missed the game because he drove around the perimeter for several hours trying to figure out how in the world to get to the stadium. I've lived in Atlanta for nearly 30 years, so I should know better, but I'm almost never down on that side of the perimeter. Remember that shopping radius I mentioned? Most of us are familiar with only the part of the perimeter that we use on a regular basis.

Anyway, I passed the I-20 exits, laughing to Chicken Goddess about what an idiot I am, while I found an exit and turned around. The trip down to Peachtree City was about 25-30 miles longer than it should have been, and even though I left an hour earlier than I had planned, I only arrived about 20 minutes early.

Nancy (blogless) is someone I'd not seen since college. We had a nice visit, and she showed me around Peachtree City. She drove me through some of the fancyschmancy subdivisions, saying that if anyone asked me, I could say I'd seen "such'n'such". I laughed and said that my friends would be asking me if I went to Sugarfoot's instead. This was one of the times when I realized just what a gulf there seems to be between knitters and non-knitters. To be honest, I could care less about the expensive subdivisions. I'd rather live somewhere I can have chickens run loose. I did care a lot about checking out the local yarn store. However, I had fun catching up and talking to someone who wasn't a knitter because I spend so much time around knitters, crafters and artists that it's illuminating to visit with someone who isn't.

And I think I'll end here. That's a glimpse into how I spent January 11 - January 14, 2010.

If it ever dries out, I've got lots of knitting pictures to take and post.


Kyoko said...

Hi Eve!
Sounds like you had a busy week. Wow, the farmers market over there looks absolutely amazing. I would going there every week. This year I told myself to do a little more extra in cooking. Though UK farmers markets are little different (mush smaller).
Two weeks just passes by doesn't it? I am off to Japan soon for two weeks and I know it will feel like a second to me.
We also have a highway that surrounds London city, but as the road is always busy it is know to be the UK's largest car park.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Eve said...

The Dekalb Farmers Market is the only one like that. It gets produce both locally and from around the world. The other ones around here are much smaller, but you can get in season, locally grown produce, which is wonderful.

Two weeks does fly by all too quickly. I hope your time in Japan goes slowly enough that you get to enjoy it.

:) Eve

Honib1 said...

wow I have never been able to get the hang of atlanta driving much less driving downtown in Birmingham.. although I have gotten much better.. lol just started blogging again.. and wanted to say hi!