Sunday, January 3, 2010

I won't tempt the Fates

I know better than that, but both of us are finally feeling better. Honestly, this is not the way we had planned to spend his week of vacation. Yes, Keith took vacation. Coughing, sleeping and complaining was not what we thought we would be doing.

That said, I have watched some movies, done much reading and just a little knitting. It's been too cold today to go outside and take pictures, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow, at which point I will have finished turning the heel, and the sock will look more like a sock and less like a willie warmer.

I did lose some weight too. Not too much, but some that I had gained back over the past month. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be up for some yoga again this week.

The ones who will have the toughest transition to our feeling better? The cats, of course. We've been perfect, feverish heaters for the little devils, and now that we're up and moving again, how can they warm their feet? Keith woke the other night when Lily put her head into his hand for petting. It is terrible that the humans don't continue to pet while they sleep, but Lily just woke him up. She's been velcroed to Keith most of this week, and I know she won't like having her slave up and moving again.

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