Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cats, knitting and random thoughts

I took this picture of Scooter sleeping one day last week. He looks so tiny and frail. The color is a bit odd as the room was dim, and I didn't want to turn on the lights and wake him.

For some reason in this picture he makes me think of fossils of dinosaurs.

I've been watching him sleep, eat and breathe quite closely since we went to the vet the other day. I really hope we don't have to put him to sleep on my birthday this week. I'd rather he decide to pass before or after, but not on it.

On to happier things. I had decided to participate in Summer of Socks 2009, but I find I've got other projects and things on my mind, so I may only do the one pair as official SOS2009 socks.

I have completed the first sock and made good progress on the second. Mr. Chubbers has been in need of petting, not to mention that I think he likes modelling with handknits as much as Grey, the Plumy Princess, does. It's not the best picture of the socks, but he's so cute I decided to focus on him. I can get better sock pictures later, but a good cat shot is not always possible. Don't you just want to snuggle him? He's a great cat, and I'm so glad that he decided that being a pet was ever so much better than being a stray. Just this past week he's started kneading on me while we're sitting on the bed at night. Luckily he's been using my knees instead of my bare arms or shoulders as Grey prefers.

As for the Jitterbug, I'm having to use size 2 needles to get the gauge, and it just seems too loose compared to the gauge I prefer. I'm starting to think these will be bed socks as I think the heel will wear out way too quickly. I have 2 other skeins of Jitterbug. I think I'll split them into two, use smaller needles and do toe up next time. I think I'd prefer a US 1.5 needle to this size 2. It seems much too large.

This is one of my other socks in progress, the pink and green Yummy from Miss Babs. I turned the heel on the first sock on Thursday night. This yarn has a nice feel to it. I enjoy knitting this sock, especially since it's the basic one that I've adapted and memorized, so it's so easy for me to do.

Today is the 4th of July. The day the colonies signed the Declaration of Independence. And I bet Americans have celebrated this day in much the same way since the holiday started. Drinking, cooking food over an open flame, and explosives (fireworks) with the occasional use of firearms! In fact, I'm amused that we celebrate several of our national holidays with booze and grilling. In all the centuries, we haven't changed that much at all. According to The Timetables of History, beer and wrestling were created during the same time period. Have a great 4th and stay safe!

As for me, I'll enjoy the results of the grilling, but I might actually take a minute or two and think about just how darn amazing our founding fathers were. Intelligent, enlightened men who had an opportunity to start a new country and try out ideas learned from classical history instead of just creating a new kingdom. We may not always like our elected leaders, and I know I don't, but at least we have some choices instead of having a king or dictator foisted upon us. Once again, have a happy 4th!


Kim said...

Poor cute sleepy Scooter. I want to gently snorgle him with my mind so as not to wake him.
Have a happy 4th, babe!

Kyoko said...

It's my first time commenting. I have found your blog on google search while looking for someone who knits and loves cats.
Scooter looks like a real fighter. I have two cats (brothers). One of them unfortunately was diagnosed to have a nasal cancer. It's been a year and half since then and he is also fighting hard.
Happy birthday!

trh said...

I've been out of town and just now read the last few entries. That's a wonderful picture of Scooter - wish I had a few like that of my old man before he left me. Whatever happens you will always know that you did the very best you could for him and he did the same for you.