Friday, July 31, 2009

Mother's Little Helpers

We have a lovely stone bench that Keith's grandfather made. He was a tile and terrazo man here in Atlanta, and he did a lot of beautiful work for some large companies, like Coca Cola.
This stone bench is where I take almost all of my yarn and craft pictures since it is so lovely.

This stone bench is also a very favored snoozing spot for kitties.
This morning I wanted to take a picture of the newest sample sock for Gale, and Mr. Chubbers was napping on the bench. I put the sock behind him, and he instantly was awake and curious. Grey, a.k.a. Princess Plumeria, was up there almost instantly also.

I tried to get them to both look at the camera or at least look up at the same time.
As you can see, that took several tries. I have the pictures here on my blog in the order they were taken.
I finally got down on kitty level to get some yarn pics. If you look closely in the first and more blurry of the two, you see some thin, blurred areas on the right to middle. These are Mr. Chubbers's whiskers.
He had to rub my hand and try to chew on my fingers as I took pictures.
The final shot was taken quite quickly. Grey and Chubbs were still helping me. I just got between the two of them and shot the yarn quickly.
Let's talk about the sock and yarn briefly. The color is Grapevine. It's one of the colorways Gale uses for her rovings. Since I needed something I knew I could knit quickly, I'm doing yet again a garter rib. The sock is worked toe up. I used Judy's Magic cast on, then used my variation of the information Ann Budd published in Interweave Knits Summer 2007 for working toe up socks. I actually cast on a lot more stitches that she did since I don't like my toes quite so pointy. I am a big Magic Loop fan, so these are worked on Addi Turbo's size 1 (which are actually 1.5 when you check a needle gauge). I'll use the Priscilla Gibson Roberts heel, which I've memorized and rather like.


Kim said...

Beautiful bench, beautiful yarn, beautiful kitties!

Kyoko said...

I am totally in love with the stone bench and the fact that kitties love it to snooze! AAwww how sweet!
I am also a big fan of magic loop method. Toe up socks is the best I think. The yarn colour is amazing. ;D