Sunday, July 5, 2009

Regularly scheduled Sunday pictures

will return. I started working on my 3 Barcelona skirts yesterday. In between bouts of computer games I installed 3 zippers, sewed up 1 exterior and 2 linings. Today I've finished 1 skirt just a little while ago. Well, I still have to tack the zipper into the lining, but if all goes as planned, I'll have another one to do also. For one skirt I don't have quite the right colored thread, and I've been trying to make do, but I just can't. Must have the matchy-matchy sewing thread for the top stitching.

Scooter is still hanging in there. I've been worried about him since we saw the vet. (I think I'm being redundant, so I apologize.) His appetite seemed a little off, but today he's eating everything in sight again. Maybe he just felt a bit bad after the fluids. He has been sleeping on the floor in my office. I moved one of his cat beds in here. I think he's been in here because it's the room that's on the end of the ductwork, so it never seems to be cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter. He's in a draft free spot, sleeping peacefully. The sewing machine doesn't bother him at all. (There are benefits to being mostly deaf. The fireworks and vacuum cleaner don't scare him anymore either.)

So, look for skirt pictures later this week. No knitting right now, just sewing. I really needed a few more skirts.

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Kyoko said...

How exciting about all these projects! I am currently making my first lined skirt and a matching top to go with it. Tonight I will cut out the pattern :D
Do send my (and Kumo and Wata) love to Scooter. We are all thinking of you!