Sunday, July 19, 2009

Larval skirts

I've got larva on the brain right now. The day before yesterday we found a gigantic, ready to be even more supersized in a 1950's style nuclear test, tomato hornworm. If it gets much bigger, it would be ready to take over the world. Keith wanted to take a picture of it, so I left it where it was, leaving it for him to photograph. Darn thing disappeared. I checked online for the life cycle stages, thinking I could perhaps determine where it may be preparing to pupate, and they drop to the ground, dig a burrow and overwinter.
So no such luck in finding the hornworm. I've checked again this morning, and I know they've been there as I've found caterpillar poop. I'll have to go big larva hunting later today.
Anyway, for my birthday, I got the book Sew What! Skirts. It is such a great book. There are no patterns in it. Instead, it takes you step by step through drafting your own patterns. It has some really wonderful skirts and fabulous ideas.
Like this very fun layered skirt. I actually love the fabrics they used for it, but I wasn't sure I'd wear them. Instead I found the one with the blue birds and pompom dahlias on it, thought it would be fun, and got a coordinating fabric in the same collection for the underskirt. I love those wide stripes. I hope it looks as good as I'm picturing it.
Next, I've always been an owl fan. I had a dress I loved with an owl print on it, and I wore it until it was really way too short for me. I think I was still wearing it in the 7th grade, at which point it was probably a micro mini. So when I saw these owls at Intown Quilters, I had to have them. I was looking for something to make into the easy A-line skirt from the book, and I think the owls are it. The skirt in the book has 3/4" rick rack around the bottom for an edging detail. How perfect and retro is that? I'll have to take a sample with me to Hancock Fabrics to see what color rick rack they have.

The skulls and roses fabric I found in the seasonal fabrics at Magical Threads in Dahlonega. I'd never seen it before, although now I've seen it all over and knocked off in the big box stores. However, when I found it back in November of 2005, I took one look at it, thought of the Grateful Dead, and purchased the remainder of the bolt.

It turns out the owner of Magical Threads has a son who's a Deadhead, so she had ordered the fabric as backing fabric for a quilt she made for him, and put the rest of the bolt out. I think she was relieved to sell the rest of it to me. This fabric has sat in my stash while I pondered how to use it. Quite honestly, as soon as I found the Barcelona Skirt pattern, I figured that's what it would be. I have struggled slightly with the thought of a 45+ year old woman wearing it. Was it age appropriate? As some of my friends have said, who cares if it is? Actually, I do, as I think there's nothing sadder than older women dressing as if they were 20 somethings. It can be a somewhat grotesque attempt at youth that makes the onlookers wince in pain or convulse with laughter.

However, a skull and roses skirt would be very appropriate apparel, regardless of age, when attending the Silver Scream Spook Show. In fact, we looked a little out of place last time as not a one of us was wearing black or chains. No, we represented suburbia quite well.

And finally, I think I've mentioned catching poison ivy via a feline vector. I found said vector outside recharging her fur with urushiol today. If you enlarge the picture, you can more easily see the poison ivy just by what would be her left shoulder. I do hate to disappoint my fuzzy princess, but we are not sharing my pillow today, nor do I want her leaning against my ear and shoulder for napping. Maybe later, much later, after it's worn off.

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Kyoko said...

Such wonderful gifts :D !
The skirt book looks very tempting. I have a Japanese pattern for the skirt which I have recently started. I haven't cut the fabric yet.
Love the fabrics you have. I look forward to seeing your creations!
Happy birthday :D