Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday night pictures

Now, I know these aren't the most exciting pictures. A cookbook and a partially done sock. Especially, at this stage, the sock looks a little obscene.

The book was suggested by the vet, and as I have pets with special dietary needs, it seemed like in the long run it will be less expensive to cook for them. I haven't started cooking for them yet as the book just arrived yesterday. I've got to get my grocery list and get better organized.

As for the sock, yesterday was the first time I've knitted since Monday, I think. It's those darn Amelia Peabody books. Have I mentioned that I've read 15 of them in 1 month's time?

In other news, a friend asked me to teach her how to knit socks on two circulars. I'm a Magic Looper myself, but it's really almost the same thing. I agreed as I'm always looking to bring people over to sock knitting. She mentioned this to one of her friends, whom I've met a couple of times, and they decided I needed to teach them both to knit socks, and to accept payment for it. I'll admit that I feel funny taking money from friends, especially for something that I don't mind doing, but she talked me into it. So I'll be teaching a sock class for 2, possibly more, at a location to be determined. Toe up, and I haven't decided which heel to use yet. Part of that depends on what sock books everyone already has. Grocery money is always good.

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