Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, I've done it again.

I joined Facebook today. I've had 3 friends and relatives invite me, but I honestly thought it would be pretty useless. I dunno, it made me think of Comic Book Guy in front of his computer when he isn't at the shop harassing his customers.

I called one of the three who invited me and asked what the hell is up with this? She said she had thought basically the same thing, but now she's found that it gives her an easier way to keep up with someone whom she rarely gets to see. Since she's someone who's opinion I trust, I signed up.

I'm already in instant messaging conversations over there. Not like I don't spend enough time on the computer...

On to the wierd world of animals here. On Monday, Lily went a bit mad, went outside and then brought in a chickadee. Poor little bird. We got the bird away from Lily, but that left a loose bird in my office. Past experience made me hope that I would be able to find the bird after it expired, but in the meantime we trapped it, gave it some seeds and water and shut the office door. On Tuesday morning I discovered the cat carrier holes are large enough for a chickadee to escape, and I had a loose bird in my office. By Tuesday afternoon, I convinced Keith to buy a birdcage from Petsmart. No luck catching the bird, but I kept fresh water and seeds out for it. I would come into my office and find it sitting on the cable going from the CPU to the router. It would sit and watch me. I was getting used to its cuteness, but I didn't really like having a teeny tiny loose bird hopping around. I finally caught it Thursday morning before I left for work (I'm filling in for someone). I was so relieved to have it in the birdcage. When I got home last night it was fussing about being locked up, but it was still eating away. I left it alone for a couple of hours, and when I came back in, it had died! I was surprisingly upset about it. I mean, I had just finally caught it, it seemed to be eating and drinking well, so I was stunned to find it had died. I had planned to take it to a rehabilitation center, but instead I had to bury it today.

As for Lily, she and I spent some quality time at the vet. She has a swollen lip, and while it would be poetic justice if it were from the bird, Dr. Alicia thinks she hit it. It looks much like a fat lip you might get if you were punched in the face. She got an injection of a kitty non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, and we get the thrill of giving her another medication for the next week. She did provide some amusement while we tried to figure out if she got the fat lip from running too fast and sliding across the wood floor on her furry little feet. (She doesn't have much toe floof, but sometimes a little is all it takes.) As active as Lily is, and you can ask any chipmunk, bird or squirrel about this, and she can be surprisingly ungraceful, I should be wondering why she hasn't done this before. I find that by the time I go investigate crashes that I hear from the basement or the closet, the perpetrators have already disappeared, but 99.9% of the time, Lily is involved.

A pictorial review of Lily's exploits. They include hiding in the shredder (we always keep in unplugged), sleeping in a small bowl on the kitchen table, sitting on top of the paper towels on top of the fridge, sleeping in the kitchen cabinet (Keith removed the dishes after he caught her climbing on top of them), on top of the fish tank, lounging in the bird bath, and finally, helping Keith pack for the gym. As sweet as she is, there's a reason her last name is Damnit!

And yes, there is knitting. Blogger wouldn't let me load my pictures yesterday, so here is Keith's first Wollmeise sock in progress. I'm on the heel!

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Janice in GA said...

I've been on Facebook for a couple of weeks now. I've found a couple of people I'd totally lost contact with, but beyond that, I prefer blogs and even Twitter. But that's me.

It IS a way for blogless people to keep kind of a blog, I guess.