Sunday, February 22, 2009

The further misadventures of Lily

Here we see Lily on top of the curio cabinet. Yes, I saw her leaping up there. Yes, I yelled at her. I've noticed that cats, like men, have selective hearing. (Sorry guys, but I've been married a long time. I also have a younger brother, as well as a couple of brother-in-laws, so I've noticed this phenomenom multiple times.)

Next, we have Lily sleeping in Sassy's crate. I didn't know Lily was in there until I saw Sassy looking funny. I think she wanted to take a nap, but that darn cat wouldn't let her. (The crate, like the dog, is impossible to keep clean. She's dug out a wallow in the backyard, so she's always got a layer of Georgia clay dust on her. I think she stays clean for only as long as she's inside after a bath.)

Up next is knitting. I haven't only worked on the gift, but on our socks as well. The one that still looks a bit like a willie warmer is knit from Bearfoot by Mountain Colors. It's for me, and I have no idea what the colorway is as the label if floating around somewhere far away from the yarn. I wound it into a ball probably 2 years ago and just started knitting it when I needed another car sock. It's just my usual toe-up sock. Stockinette foot, ribbed cuff.

Next up is Keith's Wollmeise sock. As you can see, there's not much left on this first sock. Another few inches of cuff, then I'm ready to bind off and start on the second one.

I had a thought concerning Stash Knit Down 2009. I've decided that I will knit up all the sock yarns that I've wound into balls, then popped back into the bins. Most have the labels nearby, or I can at least remember which brand they are. I can think of 3 more off the top of my head that are wound into balls, so I'll stay busy with socks.

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