Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guess who's coming to town?

C'mon, you know it's not an actor or musician, although I do wax poetic on muscly men from time to time.

No, it's not my first science crush, since Carl died long ago.

It's Dr. Zahi Hawass! He'll be here as part of the Tut exhibit. I don't know how many National Geographic and PBS shows I've watched him on. It's very exciting to be able to see him in person.

Anyway, there is knitting, with photos to be added later.

I finished my Lady Eleanor stole last night. I ended with about 2 yards of yarn left. Phew! I was sweating those last rows and furiously wondering what I might have in stash in case I ran out just before the end. Thank goodness there was enough to finish.

It was a gorgeous, warm, dry day here yesterday. It was the kind of day we actually don't get here in the South too often because it's usually much more humid. It will be much the same today, which is good as I need to get outside and prune the roses and butterfly bushes. I'm looking forward to having all the windows opened wide again and letting fresh air flow through the house. I must now go to take that picture for the blog, make the coffee, and get ready to run buy some catfood before they realize their breakfast was shorted. Later today I'll get my grocery list together to start cooking for the little menaces. Speaking of menaces, last night I woke up at some point because something didn't feel quite right. Lily and Chubby were both sleeping between me and Keith, and I was sleeping on my side. At some point, Scooter had come in and was trying to figure out how to sleep comfortably balanced on my side. He was partially hunched up, but some how holding on with all 4 feet. I guess I'll need to sleep flat on my back so the ancient kitty has a nice soft surface for snoozing.

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Kim said...

Poorly-trained human! You should know that your kitty's comfort is more important than your need for sleep. :-)