Sunday, February 1, 2009

Picture time

Let me first show you Lady Eleanor. Once again none of my models volunteered to help, so I put it on the bench give you an idea of scale. It's at least 5 feet long now. I can't remember if it's taller than I am or not.

Next is Keith's Wollmeise sock. I have to play around with the settings on the camera as it's really much more blue than it shows here. Maybe next time I'll stand outside in the cold and adjust the settings more. (It was in the upper 30's-upper 40's while I was taking these, and I wasn't going to dawdle.)
Next is my next project. Maybe you remember this from my blog from 2007?

It's Basil, knitted from Rowan's Summer Tweed. While I love the yarn, I don't quite love the sweater. The body's too short. The sleeves are longer than I like. I don't like the way the edges roll. Yes, I plan several changes. I'm thinking a seed stitch edging. 4" added to the length of the body and shortening the sleeves to elbow length. As soon as Lady E is finished, I'm starting on a new, modified Basil in this color of Summer Tweed:

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Juniper said...

Great blog, great photos, Eve!