Thursday, August 14, 2008

I haven't forgotten about India

I think I mentioned life getting in the way of digging through pictures. Sometimes I feel busy, then I look at people who are really busy. Like so much in life, busy-ness is relative.

The vet called yesterday. All of Scooter's bloodwork looks good. She's still waiting on one of the thyroid tests to come back, and I should hear from her maybe tomorrow.

I have discovered that if I take a Pill Pocket and squish Scooter's Pet Mobility into it so that the powder becomes part of the Pill Pocket, he eats it. Same goes for the glucosamine (which luckily has practically no taste at all). I'll start see what I can do with him and the fish oil supplements tomorrow.

As for me, I also had bloodwork done this week for my thyroid. The doc had reduced my medication earlier this summer, but after 8 weeks I need to go back up to the dosage I'd been taking all winter & spring. I actually thought I needed to increase my synthroid. I know it sounds silly, but my neck looked different to me. I'm glad to know that my hunch or intuition was correct.

I'm a bit bummed that I won't have a pair of socks finished for this week's Summer of Socks drawing, but if all goes well I should have 2 pairs for the next one. Reality check - maybe one pair, but I am ever hopeful.

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