Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spring Fling, second thoughts

Perhaps you have experienced this. I've observed in the past when I've made up my mind to leave a job and turned in my notice that for the most part the job suddenly seems much more tolerable. It's probably because I won't be doing it for much longer, but what seemed so bad a few days before now seems ok.

I use this analogy to explain what happened to the Spring Fling sock. I pulled it from my knit bag last night to take a final look before ripping it out and thought, "I am only 2 or 3 rounds from the heel. It's actually a pretty good looking sock."

And there it was. I started knitting again. I didn't make much progress last night. I don't normally do socks with heel flaps and gussetts. The pattern seemed a little unclear to me about how to handle one of the stitches. I wavered about what to do with that one stitch, made a decision and started knitting. When I looked at the flap a few too many rows in, it seemed 1 side would end up with 2 slipped stitches on the edge more than the other side. Not acceptable to me, so I ripped the sucker out and tried it the other way. We'll know tonight after I start knitting on it again. I find it can be difficult to see how things will work out after only 2 or 3 rows.

Today is day 7 of this blasted head cold. It should start to really go away now. I sound terrible enough that Keith mentioned it (more than once) yesterday. At least the will to knit has returned.

Oh, I stumbled upon an unannounced Wollmeise shop update yesterday. She actually had one of the colors I had on my wishlist in stock. I may be one of the only humans who can do this, but I only ordered the one color that I wanted. There were a few other colors remaining, but none of them spoke to me. Thus, I left them there for those who really wanted them.

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