Friday, August 22, 2008

More musings on Spring Fling

As the title implies, I've been thinking about that partial sock. My thoughts have led me to wondering if it's that the pattern isn't working with that particular yarn for me. I think all that wild pinkness just doesn't want to be those socks, and I need to make them up in Toasty for Needle Nook, which had been my original choice. I've made the decision to frog them, and let both the yarn and pattern take a time out.

As for me, I've got Chubbers dozing off in my lap right now. I've discovered he makes a horrible mess when eating canned food. (It's all over the floor surrounding the plate. Sassy will be one very happy dog when she finds that.)

Still feeling less than stellar today, but I've got a nap planned for later. That makes the errands more tolerable. And yeah, hubby's back, so I slept better last night.

Just a bit of whining. I look absolutely horrible! You know that thin skin under your eyes? I've got "allergy shiners" of the worst kind. I don't feel like piling on the make up as thickly as perhaps a drag queen might, but if you see me and I'm overly made up, that's the reason. Let's see, this is day 6 of the cold, so it should start abating tomorrow.

I'll quit boring you with all this. Keep your fingers crossed I feel like knitting today. I've sure been thinking about it a lot, but not enough to pick up the needles.

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