Friday, August 15, 2008

I may succumb to the madness.

Last fall I took some dyeing classes from Gale. I will admit that I wasn't planning to get into dyeing. I actually wanted to have a greater understanding of the process because I was curious. I took the classes, gained the knowledge I was looking for and became better acquainted with some people I knew. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've been helping Gale occasionally with some computer stuff, but also she lives fairly close by, makes her own schedule, so I have someone to hang out with on days off. As usual, we talked about dyeing fibers and yarns, knitters and spinners and distribution methods for small businesses. Still no interest on my part about actually dyeing things. I've been really wanting a glass kiln for years now, and that's what I've been thinking of getting.

However (you knew there was a "however" coming, didn't you?), Keith has been getting restless in his job. It's made me think about ways of supplementing our income, and I think he was the one who asked me about dyeing yarns. I said it took inventory (it does), supplies and space to do it. He said, ok, why don't you get what you need then?

Huh? Did aliens flip his brain? He usually says I spend too much money. That must have flipped my brain because it was working on ideas for yarn colors without letting me know until they popped into my consciousness, fully formed, as Athena sprung from Zeus's head. Thankfully without the headache.

Here I am, stuck in traffic, creeping along, scrambling for a notepad to write down color names and the blends that will make them up.

So gang, look for some hand painted yarns here in the future. I have ideas - wierd, warped ones that reflect the mind that lies beneath this conservative exterior. The mind inside was shaped by 1950's sci-fi, classical mythology, classic rock, vampire fiction and cryptozoology, plus quite a bit of metaphysics, new age and Carlos Castaneda. Who knows what will spring forth? Mwahaha!