Sunday, August 3, 2008

No knitting!

Last night a very strong storm came rushing along. High winds with a lot of thunder and lightning, followed by torrential rain. The temperature dropped 20 degrees as it blew through.

Pinecones and leaves were tossed carelessly all over. Branches and limbs fell from our trees. Down the main road trees fell on power lines. We watched our power flicker over and over. We went and turned off the a/c. We heard the pop and boom of transformers in the distance and lost power. I had been reading a magazine, so I didn't even know what time it was.

The temperature outside was 93 degrees and had only dropped a few degrees before the storm. The temperature inside was around 80. (Yuck!) So when the power went out, I opened a few windows to let in some cooler air, but honestly, the house didn't cool off that much.

I, unfortunately, can only knit garter stitch without looking, and I have nothing that is just plain knitting right now. We sat in the flickering candlelight until about 10, then decided to go to bed and try to sleep.

It wasn't easy. It was so hot. It seemed every time I started to doze off that either the neighbors would get noisy, or Keith would talk to me. The power finally came back on a little after midnight. We gratefully got up, closed windows and turned on the air. We went back to bed, only to find Lily needed petting. She kept waking Keith up by walking on his chest. At one point she came and stretched out across my chest, leaning almost on my chin. I pulled the covers over my mouth to keep the cat fur out and went to sleep.

I am so planning on that 2 hour nap this afternoon. As for now, I'm wide awake, so I may as well do something useful. Must get my list of office supplies together so I can go shop during the sales tax holiday.

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