Friday, August 1, 2008

I love Excel

It's leftover from my bookkeeping days. Microsoft Excel is just such a great program, even for little things. Like maybe a pet medicine schedule. Instead of wondering, "Did Keith give Sassy her antibiotic?", now I can look at my spreadsheet and see if it's been marked off.

I know, total OCD, but it's very helpful.

I'm nearly finished with my Garter Rib socks for this biweekly Summer of Socks contest drawing. I have to have them finished and photographed by 10 tonight. I think I have less than 20 rounds to knit, so hopefully I can find the time to get them finished and ends sewn in. You'll see pictures of them tonight.

In the meantime, Chubby went a bit crazy this morning. He really wanted to play, and he's surprisingly gentle. He'll put his teeth on you, but he doesn't bite down. However, the proper force for claws is something most kitties have trouble with, so after disintangling my hand from all four of his paws, I gave him a felted mouse. He is now crashed out, mousie by his side. Hand knitted cat toys rock!

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Kim said...

No pics of new-house-kitty? :-( I will just have to picture the cuteness in my mind.