Friday, January 9, 2009

Huge snafu

I was installing an update for Norton Antivirus today, the new 2009 version, and something awful has happened to my computer. It's either spend several hundred dollars to have someone come out and fix it, or I can just re-install all the software. That means wiping everything out and starting over. If you don't see me online for a few days, I'm pulling my hair out while I get it back up and running. Yes, I have internet access now, but no virus protection or firewalls, so I'm pulling the plug on it after I post this.

See ya in a few days!


Janice in GA said...

Good luck!

Honi said...

Eve you should get AVG its free and works well. download the free one.. and it comes with updates.. it works great with XP and vista..
good luck@