Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not much happening around here

I haven't blogged as I haven't done anything blogworthy the past few days.

I watched the inauguration and knitted the whole time. It's the first one I remember ever watching.

I stabbed my thumb with one of Scooter's needles while trying to give him sub-q the other night. Luckily for both of us the needle was sterile as I was getting ready to poke him. I had to apply pressure to my thumb while Keith changed out the needle. After that, I made Keith poke him. It's amazing just how sharp those needles are. I didn't really feel it, but I saw it sticking out of my thumb. Sorry for that image.

I spoke to Dr. Alicia today. Scooter is still borderline anemic (after a year of eating chicken livers every other day or two). She wants us to start giving him lixotinic, a vitamin supplement with Chinese herbs in it. They customize the herbs according to the condition. Brownie took lixotinic after we discovered the hyperthyroidism and hypertension. Just the lixotinic and the herbs made a difference while we were waiting to get her medication. Dr. A is also giving me some recipes since Scooter is getting pickier about his food. He doesn't want to eat catfood; he wants the chicken or fish off my plate. He's an awful beggar. At many meals he starts pawing me the minute I sit down. If I'm cooking for him, that may put an end to some of the begging. (OK, probably not. Whatever the human is eating is always better. Do any of the rest of you have to let the pets sniff can lids or the piece of fruit you're eating to convince them they don't really want it? And that doesn't work with Sassy since she'll eat anything, except maybe lettuce without any dressing.)

Cats, knitting and bits of housework are all that's happening around here. There have been a lot of things that were put off while we both worked, and now I'm making progress. Sure, some days there is more progress than others, but each day something is getting tackled. Whether it's throwing out expired kelp powder or scrubbing the floor, I make progress each day.

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Kim said...

We have to do that with our kitties, too. Only sometimes it doesn't work, which is how we discovered that Jaymie likes corn pops.