Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pictures of the help

I do try to amuse you and keep you updated with knitting projects on Sundays, as this is the day I usually had the time to take those pictures. Unfortunately, other than getting longer, there's not much difference in the Lady Eleanor Stole. However, today is a chilly and gray day down here in Dixie, and Mr. Chubbikins has been wanting to relive his stray cat days.
I had thought, incorrectly, that I could lure him to come sit on the stole in order to have a reference to size, but he was most determined not to help. He was no help at all. Instead, he rolled around, stretching and looking really cute until I aimed the camera at him. Darn stubborn critters that cats can be. I wanted a feline reference point, perhaps reclining gracefully on the stole. Instead, I have a cat with cabin fever and the kitty skitters (running about madly chasing leaves and imaginary objects with extreme vigor). I took my one poor sad short of the stole and came back inside, leaving Chubbs to probably come up right behind me and take a snooze on the doormat.

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