Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow! It's cold out there!

Yes, if you've read this long enough, you know I have an interest in various sciences. And yes, I do have a digital exterior thermometer that shows minimum and maximum temperatures. And how could I pass up posting one of the coldest days in 15 years?

The minimum temperature at my house in the past 24 hours was 14.5 degrees F. What's more, the interior of the house near the window where the thermometer is located got down to 57.9. I'm sure that was last night when the programmable thermostat goes down to 60.

I confess that I set Keith's newest sock aside to work on Lady Eleanor last night. It's large enough to cover my lap, so it was much warmer than a sock to knit.

I know, I owe you pictures, but they will have to wait. I take most of them outside, and there's no way I'm subjecting my camera to those temps right now. It may be over the weekend before I get around to them.

As for the dyeing, I hope I mentioned that I'm shifting gears, decompressing from working, and letting the ideas flow. I came up with 5 more colorways over the past 24-48 hours. It's great! They pop into my head almost fully formed, complete with name. I'm not quite ready to tackle the area in the basement that will become my work area. I've still got bathrooms to deep clean, but I'm definitely getting closer to being ready to start dyeing.

Well, I must start my day. I've looked in the fridge, and it's pretty bare. Thus, a menu must be planned and the accompanying grocery list written. Luckily I've got plenty of warm clothes for when I head out to the store.

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