Friday, January 16, 2009

You will be assimilated.

I must admit that I've been spending an awful lot of time with my computer this week. Now that everything's back to normal (whatever that is), I'm tackling my Quicken. I've been lazy about archiving my information, so now I've got 10 years worth of data in one file! As I started working on it this morning, I found to my utter dismay that I can no longer import/export most of the accounts between files. Apparently it's because I can download the info directly from the bank into my accounts. Have you tried this? With Quicken's renaming rules, you get all sorts of strange things. Now, I will admit that I've only tried this a few times to catch up on data entry, but I found it to be much more trouble that it was worth. I had to go back and recategorize entries, and it would have been simpler to do all the entry myself.

What I have been able to import/export are the account lists and categories list. While this helps some, there is much left to do. I've spent several hours in front of my computer this morning, printing reports, going between files and backing stuff up as I go. Fortunately, I've gotten all the day to day stuff ready to go from 1/1/09. I still have some of the other bits to catch up on, but they're not critical.

As for the Borg reference, I feel like I've been glued to my computer all week. Why don't I look like Seven of Nine yet? (I'm talking post-Borg when she runs around in catsuits)

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