Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something new!

Thanks to Teresa for posting about the KnitMeter. I have joined the Stash Down 2009 on Ravelry in a vain attempt to knit from stash this year. The KnitMeter lets me keep track of my yardage which is all important to Stash Down knitting. Let's face it, it's kind of mind boggling to translate those hours of work into yards and miles.

Also, I wanted to update everyone on Scooter. For a cat of his age (nearly 18 years, 7 months), he is doing very well. I daily have trouble with him wanting to eat all of Monster's food for overweight kitties. (I'm not sure what's so delicious about it, but he wants it, and the vet said absolutely no way.) He doesn't want much of any other crunchy if he can look pitiful enough for me to heat up some of his special diet canned food in the microwave, which I do. He won't sleep in his plush bed if I haven't washed the cushion often enough. He's still quite vocal and demanding, as well as pretty darn active. I nearly had to grab him to keep him from going outside the other day when it was about 35 F. Lily had dashed out, and he made a break for it while I was trying to lure her back in. He quickly decided that even though it looked nice out there with all the bright sunshine, the temperature was most definitely not was he expected. Here he is doing his faceplant in his plushy. Don't you think he looks good?

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